can wolves become werewolves?

While there is no question that there is some kind of link between wolves and werewolves, the question that link sometimes leads to is,  is it possible for wolves to become werewolves the same way that humans can become werewolves?

Humans becoming werewolves
Yes.  Werewolves are (for the most part) born in human form. Sometime during the course of their lives and existence, they will shift and discover that they are in fact werewolves. The various theories of how and why and when someone actually goes through their first transformation a hotly debated topic. Irregardless however of how or why it happens, it is generally accpeted that a future werewolf-to-be resembles a human at birth.  Now whether or not the baby is actually human at birth (there are some that are actually born werewolves) is another question altogether.

Wolves becoming werewolves
Can an actual wolf become a werewolf? Not usually.  There is some history to suggest that there are some werewolves that were born wolves. Meaning, they actually started their existence as wolves (usually born to a true wolf pack) and later eventually shifted to human form. This type of werewolf is often only ever referred to or referenced in historical literature, lore, and legends. And the references are vague and often reference witches or magic as a reason for the transformation. A wolf-born werewolf – while possibly much more common centuries ago, is certainly not as commonplace today, and extremely difficult to even prove if even exists or not.



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  1. Greyr says:


  2. Lunar says:

    I read a novel once about two brothers who were werewolves. One was born a wolf and the other was born human. It was very interesting to read.

  3. Aconissa says:

    @Lunar: what’s the novel called?

  4. Wolfye says:

    @Lunar: Yeah, how was that novel called, Lunar?? We want to read it also ^^

  5. Kevkas says:

    PIZZA ROLLS!!!!!

  6. Lunar says:

    @Aconissa & Wolfye:
    I read it about 6 years ago, so the title slips my mind 🙁 I’m so sorry. I’ll ask my sister though, as it was her I had borrowed the book from. I wish I remembered the title. It was a very good book.

  7. Wolfye says:

    @Lunar: Ohh… I’ll be waiting for it =) I really want to read it very much also! Say something when you know about it, Lunar!

  8. Drew says:

    @Kevkas Yum!!!!!

  9. Lunar says:

    I will def do!

  10. I really delighted to find this site on bing, just what I was searching for 😀 too saved to bookmarks.

  1. July 20, 2012

    […] essentially the animal they are reincarnated as. This is not to say that it’s impossible for wolves to become humans (there is some lore to suggest it can occur), simply that it is rather […]

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