Can you Howl? Learn!

The technique for howling can come easily and instinctively for some, but for learn to howlothers it can sometimes be something that you have to work at.  The steps on how to howl are fairly easy to follow, and for those who are not naturals at the start, practice and repetition can quickly improve your technique.  A good howl can be used to communicate with pack members, used to convey emotion – and also can be heard for great distances!!

One of the easiest methods in learning the technique on how to howl is by listening to howls.  A werewolf’s howl often sounds similar to a wolf’s howl, so you can get many tips on how to howl by listening to the sounds of wolves howling in the wild.

Can you howl?  Here are a few tips so you can learn!

  1. When you listen to howls, you’ll notice that the tones of the howl are not monotone, but rather change octaves throughout the course of the howl….your howl should be similar.
  2. Also, the howls often have different volumes throughout the course of the howl – often starting soft, getting louder, and then finishing soft again.
  3. Finally, the pitch of the howl is not always necessarily the pitch of your voice – it can be higher or lower than your speaking voice – do what comes naturally, don’t force it too low or too high, and you will see where your howl’s pitch naturally ends up.

Don’t be afraid if your howl sounds different from other howls that you’ve heard. No two howls ever sound exactly the same.  Like a voice, everyone’s will sound unique to themselves.

If you’re not sure where to start with your howl, here’s a good video that demonstrates how to howl…and as a bonus, there is a demonstration at the end on how to bark as well!

(Update: last video was taken down, so here is a new video!)



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9 Responses

  1. Spiked Wolf says:


  2. OH yeah im finally on the website again!!!!

  3. i’m finally on my beloved wedsite again.

  4. Argharna Welyn says:

    how do i howl like a wolf?

  5. Onixe11 says:

    oh my glob!!!That video is one of my favorite videos!! I didn`t know anyone else saw it before!!!

  6. I can howl in both forms. And growl, bark, yip, snarl, whine, yelp and bay. For those of you who don’t know what baying is it is a long deep bark-like howl that stays the same throughout the bay. I howl to free my spirit and I use it to signal if I am lost since I can howl louder than I can yell, it also is a territory barrier in my woods as no animals will come near where the howl was heard. I growl to signify anger. Barks are for when I’m surprised so are yips. Snarls mean I’m REAL angry. I whine when I’m bored or sad. I yelp when I am hurt or surprised. I bay when I am stressed. I normally don’t do any of these in public. See you later.

  7. Aro says:

    How do I all of those??? I can howl in a low and high voice but I can’t bark yip or snarl or growl or bay. I want to know how

  8. Brandon says:

    I’m born a Natural Howler, i can howl like a Wolf… Just i don’t get an Answer… But still, i can Howl at a Loud rate.

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