Carnivorous mouse howls at the moon!

Very strange….and TRUE!!

The mouse in question is the “Southern Grasshopper Mouse” – the scientific name is Onychomys torridus. More commonly, they are referred to as “Scorpion Mice”, and often compared with wolves!

At first glance the mouse looks like any other mouse – small cute body, gray fur, beady little eyes, cute rounded ears, pink nose… you would easily mistake it for any other mouse. The difference comes when you learn about (or actually witness) its habits and lifestyle. This mouse is an AGGRESSIVE CARNIVOROUS PREDATOR!! The mouse loves – above all other things – scorpions – and can eat (without harm) the most poisonous scorpions in the world! This little desert mouse also supplements his diet with lizards, spiders (including tarantulas), rodents, snakes, insects and grasshoppers (hence the name grasshopper mouse). The grasshopper mouse also will, if necessary, turn to cannibalism! They are known to eat other mice (even of their own species) when needed!!

Even more interesting that the fact that this tiny little mouse is actually a vicious hunter, is the fact that the grasshopper mouse actually stands on his hind legs and and HOWLS into the night sky!! It is believed the howl is a sign it is defending its territory…they have been known to howl prior to a fight.

Check out the grasshopper mouse as he howls!!

The mouse is native to the Sonoroan Desert – specifically Mexico, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and California.



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