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Is The Werewolf Conscious of Time?

Does Time Matter to the Werewolf? Lets go more in depth on the question; is the werewolf “aware” or “consciousness” of time passing while in the transformed state? Imagine you have already fully transformed into a werewolf. You are all by yourself...

If aliens will exist in 20 years do werewolves exist now!? 21

If aliens will exist in 20 years do werewolves exist now!?

werewolves are here and are a part of the human and werewolf society


Obstacles for the werewolf – Werewolf967

The biggest obstacle for the werewolf is the werewolf himself (or herself). Fear of the unknown is difficult for the new or even old werewolf to overcome. For the new werewolf obstacles are immediately put into your path since that life changing...

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Werewolf Safe House

The werewolf safe house, probably the safest place the werewolf could be in the event of an emergency. Many of you might not have heard about this particular escape for the werewolf so lets go over a few things about the house....

How to prepare for the full moon 8

How to prepare for the full moon

Preparing for a full moon is not something you think about on a daily basis. In fact, preparation for the full moon might come as a surprise to most humans, however, for the werewolf it is just part of the cycle of...

Does the werewolf have to hide? 32

Does the werewolf have to hide?

Does the werewolf have to hide from humans or other beings that might be suspect of your “curse”? Well,  this is a very tough question to answer because it all depends on who the person you would like to tell (your secret...

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how to tell the difference between good and evil

How do you tell the difference between an evil werewolf and a “good” one is tricky because some werewolves can be quite sneaky. Some werewolves can trick you into making you think they are nice werewolves only to find out they are...

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Rare Werewolf Trance

Little information can be found about the consequences of looking an evil werewolf in the eyes for a long period of time. It’s usually not the eyes of a good werewolf, but the eyes of an evil one that can send you...

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avoiding dangers lowers risk of becoming a werewolf

What if your friend tells you her or she is a werewolf? What should you do? And what is the likelihood you can become a werewolf during your normal day? Here are some tips, suggestions, and places that are risky for humans...