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wolfsbane 153


Wolfsbane, which is actually in the buttercup family of plants,  is a poisonous perennial herb.  The plant grows in partial shade and has unusual delicate clusters of typically purple or blue hooded flowers which have 2 – 5 petals.  In many legends,...

werewolves envy humans 194

werewolves envy humans

If the werewolf takes complete control of your body, your mind, and your soul, all human will be lost and you too will be lost.

the werewolf and its environment 11

the werewolf and its environment

Once the transformation of the werewolf is complete, the bone structure has changed, the body mass has adjusted, and many other vital changes have taken place, the werewolf is now different. One of the details often forgotten about is how the animal...

the good werewolf is the human half 3,604

the good werewolf is the human half

Anything that is good within the werewolf is most definitely human. I do not believe that humans retain consciousness when transformed into werewolf form, but many of the werewolf readers do, so, I will take into consideration a couple of the points...

questions for the werewolves 55

questions for the werewolves

If you had a choice in the matter how would you choose? Do you want to be a werewolf? Why? Why do you want to be a werewolf!? If you woke up tomorrow and were a werewolf would you be happy? Would...

Evil is you 21

Evil is you

Have you ever not been in control? Have you ever been in a situation where you felt you had to do something to help somebody in some manner, but couldn’t? Stood in the distance as somebody that you knew could use your...

A werewolf is pure evil 136

A werewolf is pure evil

I heard this question asked. What drives a werewolf? The evil within the werewolf drives him. Do not compare the werewolf to a regular wolf to make a comparison. The werewolf is driven by evil, the most evil of all evils. What...

werewolf art , AWIL, vampires 8

werewolf art , AWIL, vampires

Alright I agree, let’s move on to werewolf facts! And I have all the answers to your lycan questions… Werewolf fact or fiction #1 Answer: Werewolves from London? Alot of people like to think so because of the movie which popularized werewolf...

werewolves – fact or fiction 751

werewolves – fact or fiction

Ok, we can probably agree on some of these points but not completely on if werewolves have a soul or not. Humans on the other hand are of course not evil when they are not in their werewolf transformation. Keep tabs on...

Werewolf fact: Werewolves are evil, soul unknown 118

Werewolf fact: Werewolves are evil, soul unknown

Dear werewolf 967, OK, I will agree that if a werewolf is evil, then he is under the influence of the devil or one of the devil’s henchmen…(since the devil is of course also evil).  And I will also agree that if a...