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How to make origami werewolf claws from paper! 13

How to make origami werewolf claws from paper!

If you have some spare paper sitting around, you can have some quick do-it-yourself origami paper werewolf claws on your fingers!  Origami is surprisingly easy to do – don’t be intimidated!  If you make one paper claw for each finger you get...

Volturi Jane with Red Vampire Contact Lenses 23

werewolf contacts

Werewolf contacts (or Special FX lenses) are for humans that want to make their eyes appear non-human….or what they believe a werewolf’s eyes would look like. There are a variety of contact lens choices to choose from for your werewolf costume (or...

american werewolf in london 18

Happy Halloween!

Werewolves go out and enjoy halloween! You are unlikely to be noticed today with all the costumes, masks, and craziness out there! So get out and have some fun! Happy halloween everybody!

Costume Ideas 2

Costume Ideas

Halloween is almost here so for those of you who are still looking for costume ideas to dress up as, here are some last minute suggestions. The easiest costume idea is to use a mask. You can use makeup, or opt for...

Vampire Hunter Costume 1

Vampire Hunter Costume

There shouldn’t be many people on this site that want werewolf hunter costumes, so thought I’d pass along some ideas for a popular “hunter” costume – the vampire hunter! To make a “traditional” vampire hunter costume that people would recognize, you could...

canine werewolf fangs 2

Werewolf costumes: fangs

Alot of people right now are searching for werewolf costumes, and the werewolf fang is part of it.  Werewolf fangs typically look very scary – you’ll see sharp canine teeth on both the top and the bottom, whereas vampires typically only have...

werewolf paw shoes 6

Werewolf Paw Shoes

An artist named Bob Basset out of the Ukraine is an expert leather craftsman, and has imagined a really cool concept for (werewolf) shoes. His creation is the leather paw shoes which are amazingly realistic looking. The shoes, crafted of leather, have...

werewolves dont fear human discovery on halloween 4

werewolves dont fear human discovery on halloween

Halloween countdown: 14 days left! As halloween gets closer, you are likely to notice your energy start building. You will feel the urge more and more to be outside, to run, to be active. Part of the reason for this is as...

werewolf pumpkin carving 0

werewolf pumpkin carvings for halloween

Werewolves can be carved into pumpkins! Not sure how? Check out these cool werewolf pumpkins (OK, the last one is a skull, but it is just really cool, so I included just for fun). Anyway, here are some ideas for your halloween...

werewolf costumes 1

werewolf costumes

Werewolf 967 made a good point that halloween is the time for werewolves to be themselves while humans strive to become other than what they are. This halloween in particular we will see many many more humans searching and trying to make...