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Michael Myers Layouts for Myspace 1

Michael Myers Layouts for Myspace

Let’s take a break from werewolves, halloween costumes, and masks, and take a quick look at decorating your myspace page for halloween. Since it’s halloween what better myspace layout could you find than a Michael Myers layout!? (OK, better would be a...

Wolf mask! Homemade and store! 1

Wolf mask! Homemade and store!

So I decided to post a whole separate entry for the wolf mask. I know, I know, I already blogged about the dog halloween mask, but wolves are different from dogs (and different from werewolves too), so here’s it’s own entry, for...

Jeepers Creepers 3

Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers vs Werewolf! One of my favorite horror movies monster is the Creeper, from Jeepers Creepers. The Creeper is a monster who is ruthless in his killings, he will kill anything and then string it up like a trophy. I think...