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learn to draw a werewolf! 0

learn to draw a werewolf!

Need something to do today? Why not learn to draw a werewolf! Drawing a werewolf can be very difficult – getting the right proportions and the right ratio of werewolf to human in your drawing can be difficult. Do you draw them...

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Tribute to werewolves! Best of YouTube

Hollywood werewolves! Check it out! Presented here is an assortment of the Best YouTube videos that are dedicated to the Hollywood werewolves. Below you will find scenes from dozens from werewolf movies, some of which are not for the faint of heart....

real werewolf 325

Is this a real werewolf?

What do you think, is this a picture of a real werewolf? There have been a number of recent controversial sightings of Bigfoot, Aliens, and Chupacabras, but fewer sightings of werewolves. Why is this? Is it because of the werewolves need to...

Harbor Moon werewolf graphic novel 24

Harbor Moon werewolf graphic novel

Harbor Moon: “An action-horror graphic novel….” The graphic novel Harbor Moon brought a little bit of werewolf mayhem when it debuted at the San Deigo Comic-con 2010. The story unfolds in the tiny town of Habor Moon, Maine….a small town, with a...

Werewolf Karaoke 2

Werewolf Karaoke

There’s a werewolf exhibit in a museum!  But it’s a little different than what you might be thinking.  This werewolf exhbit is unlike anything werewolf-related I have yet found…it’s called Werewolf Karaoke – and it is an exhibit at the Wadsworth Atheneum...

Half Man Half Wolf 9

Half Man Half Wolf

Two halves completely different.  Wolf and human.  But humans have known for a very long time.  Humans have been drawing werewolves for thousands of years. If you’re not familiar with ancient Egyptian art, take another look.  The egyptians had a strong belief...

werewolf wallpaper 8

werewolf wallpaper

If you’re looking for werewolf wallpaper for your computer, be prepared – there is hardly any good wallpaper available. It seems there is plenty for vampires, but werewolves…not so much. It appears humans love to think of wolves when they think of...

Werewolf speed drawing picture 5

Werewolf speed drawing picture

This is an even better speed drawing video of a werewolf than the last one I posted. Pretty cool to see how the pictures is drawn, now if only I could draw one so nicely and quickly! Werewolf speed drawing picture.

Werewolf Art 6

Werewolf Art

I thought I’d do a quick post on werewolf art that I’ve found around the internet. There’s some pretty cool werewolf artwork out there depicting different people’s interpretation of what werewolves look like. This werewolf art depicts what I envision the wolf...

Werewolf Sketches, Drawings, Pictures 287

Werewolf Sketches, Drawings, Pictures

I’ve found some great werewolf sketches floating out around the internet.  These werewolf drawings show a strong werewolf that must have just transformed, shirt is half torn off body, in poses like he’s ready to attack. This next werewolf sketch is a different...