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hide underwater 7

Will hiding underwater protect you from a werewolf attack?

Recently I saw an interesting video of a duck swimming in murky waters in some foreign locale. Behind him, a tiger swims quietly, preying upon the duck. Just as the tiger decides to speed up his stalking and pounce, the duck catches...

Happy New Year 2019 0

Happy New Year 2019!

To all the werewolves and humans around the world – Happy New Year 2019!! New Year’s Day is a chance to forget any trials and stresses from 2018 and embrace new experiences, new changes, and new chances. Every day of the new...

are werewolves in fog 2

What lies hidden in the fog

The fog is thick again this morning. Like an ethereal blanket – covering the landscape in a vision-blocking mystery-inducing haze. Eyes can penetrate no more than an inch or so through the greyish-white land-hovering clouds. Even a hand waved in front of...

where are the werewolves 9

Look at the fog outside, where are the werewolves?

This morning I was watching the weather and the weather lady said: “Look at the fog outside! Where are the werewolves?!“ To the reporters, meteorologists, and news anchors – I say, “We are here.” To the doubters, disbelievers, and skeptics – I...

Happy New Year 2018 SIgn 8

Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Day 1 of 2018! I’m sure you have tons to celebrate today, but in the midst of your busy day, don’t forget to take a few minutes, take in a deep...

how the sun effects werewolves 4

Is Sunday the worst day of the week for werewolves?

Werewolves are closely linked with the moon, so a day associated with the sun might not be their favorite day of the week! The day in question? Sunday! Is the day of the week Sunday really named after the sun? It’s interesting...