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There are a few creatures that have changing eye colors, and among these are werewolves and vampires.  Indeed, werewolf eyes and vampire eyes are among the most distinct and unique eyes. Because they live among humans (and in some cases were once humans) their eye colors are most of the time very similar to that of humans.  In fact, most of the time, their eyes can be mistaken for human eyes – but this can change in an instant depending on their mood and state of mind.

werewolves eyes change color to gold..

werewolf eyes teen wolf

Werewolf Eyes (as depicted in Teen Wolf)

The eyes of the werewolf vary in color, and have been reported to be everything from green to brown to blue.  Although they do not have to be any specific color, one of the key characteristics of werewolf eyes is that even though they can be any color, the color is always brilliant and very eye-catching.  The eye color is enhanced with an inside glow that is incredibly forceful and attractive to anyone they meet.  This is especially true and most noticeable during and around transformations when the werewolf’s eyes are not only briliant colored, but can sometimes even changes eye colors, taking on a goldish tint.

vampire eyes change color to red…

twilight vampire eyes

Vampire Eyes (as depicted in Twilight)

The eyes of the vampire are especially recognizable because of the reddish tint they change to when they are hungry or craving blood. Vampires generally cannot control this tint, but rather it is an involuntary side effect of their thirst.  It also does have the benefit of terrifying the vampire’s prey to the point that many prey are immobilized by fear when they see the vampire’s eyes.  During most other times when the vampire is not incredibly hungry, their eyes too can come in any color, however they are most often darker colors, most commonly dark brown.


and the zombie…?

zombie eye colorIt is also interesting to note the eye colors that zombies reportedly take on in myths and legends.  Like the rest of their bodies, the zombie’s eyes are dead. When you look at them, they therefore take on the appearance of being dead – their eyes change from what they were as a human, and are often described as being pale, faded, and sometimes even losing color completely, sometimes appearing completely white.  The whites of their eyes can also sometimes be red, but not in the way that vampires are red because of hunger, but rather in a way in which you can see the veins and life they used to have….almost as if their eyes were bloodshot.



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  1. Lycanhope says:

    @wolf: No.

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    Wow this is a really old thread…

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    Huh, it is too. There’s me from 2011. Ah, nostalgia.

  4. I’m back and I didn’t even read the post I just clicked on a comment as I am eager to rejoin the conversation.

  5. GabbyWhiteMoon says:

    Well a werewolves eyes can be any color in there human state. But usually a goldish tint or a reddish tint.

  6. zach says:

    so that means I’m a werewolf

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    How do you get rid of the curse?

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    I always thought everyone could do it but apparently most people have ‘fixed’ eyecolors.

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