Chapter Seven: Where in the world is Buddy?

“Yes, Werewolf967?” She was pleasantly surprised that he had called to talk about ILW.
“You know that you have been posting on for seven years now and all of the sudden you drop off the face of the internet?” She wasn’t pleased with the direction this conversation was headed, she felt a little undue pressure.
“Yes, well, what are you trying to get at here? Sometimes I just need to take a breather.”
“That may be true Buddy but your readers are expecting you, they rely on you for that perfect read at the end of a long day. Its been weeks since they have heard from you they are starting to drift off ILW into other parts of the internet. They might even be drifting into the sports section! The sports section!”
“If there is one truth about the readers of ILW its that they are smart and know better than to get lost in the sports section. But I do see what you are getting at Werewolf967, I do see what you are saying.”
“So what do you think about giving the readers what they want?”
To be continued…



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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