China landed on the dark side of the moon, but what did they find?

China just landed on the far side of the moon!! The far side of the moon is the side that is of course never visible to earth. So what did China find on that mysterious side? Well, they really haven’t reported what – if anything – they saw. Most reports just confirm that they did land there with an accompanying vague photo of the landing zone. Not much other details have been provided at t this point.

So why is this so interesting? Mainly because there have long been rumors about what is going on on the far side of the moon. Theories have ranged on everything from an extraterrestrial alien base spying on the earth, to wealthy humans who have developed a hidden space colony. And since humans on earth never have a view of the dark side of the moon, there is no proof about what may – or may not – be happening on the far side!

So why can’t we see the far side of the moon anyway?

The reason the far side of the moon is never visible from earth is because the moon rotates at the same rate it takes to orbit the earth. This happened over time and is a process called “tidal locking”.



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