Chupacabra is it real?

It is being reported that a possible real chupacabra was recently found in Blanco, Texas. The chupacabra is also known as the “Mexican Werewolf“, and is a mythical beast which some say drinks the blood of livestock. Mysterious sightings and carcasses have been known to show up from time to time, and Texas is a common place for a sighting of a chupacabra, as is Mexico. In this most recent sighting, the chupacabra was found dead by a student who was trying to capture the animal that had been raiding a family member’s barn. Instead of capturing a rodent or other animal, they poisoned and found the carcass of an unidentifiable animal which closely resembles descriptions of the legendary chupacabra.

Today seems to be the day for humans and findings. First, werewolf 967 reports on a werewolf picture, now this. Is the chupacabra real? The CNN news video is below. You be the judge.



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13 Responses

  1. yo fo says:

    ooooh wow….flying flamingos……ya….no werewolves……well my judge ment is flamingo….are weird….werewolves are awsome

  2. Suki Foxx says:

    ok…. thats just weird

  3. Fangsharpner says:

    finally werewolf 967 we meet at last tell me im a human and i want to be a werewolf can 1 of u lot plz bite or scratch me so i can be 1 ull no mi scent

  4. alpha white werepire steven says:

    wow i havent been here 4 a while now much has chnged i feel

  5. Lone Wolf says:


  6. Lone Wolf says:

    in other words its a chupaDOGra!!! omg…thats just so sad….

  7. Wolfoxtail says:

    Yeah, I have a greyhound, and thats definetly it

  8. soulwolf says:

    ill bite you but i have a stuffy nose so i cant recognize scent very well

  9. knowledge seeker says:

    i have a stuffy nose too i think its an allergy to researcha. lol

  10. Ilysa says:

    I’d like to know 967 because I am not an idiot an actual werewolf happens to be following me I dont believe he intends to hurt me, but I know others do. Its probably an injured dog if it were a werewolf child wouldnt it be an actual boy curled up or one of those unchanging shape shifters. Anyways I need to know I research and practically have the body of Vampire figured out, I need answers and you have them. If anyone has information regarding near any subject of this pleasem email me whole heartedly at @[email protected]

  11. she wolf says:

    Great. Someone killed my gigi!

  1. May 28, 2011

    […] know that it is a hotbed for werewolf activity – in particular, modern-day sightings of the chupacabra are extremely prevalent.  So it’s really not much of a surprise to find out that werewolf […]

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