Complete vampire costume with tutorials

As it gets closer to Halloween more and more people will be trying to gather ideas for homemade costumes. Vampires are one of the easiest Halloween costumes to find ideas for! Just by doing a quick search on the internet you will come up with plenty of ideas to get your “Vampire” look” ready for October 31st!

This is a complete list of Vampire costume ideas with tutorials for each part of the outfit that you can use in order to make yours the best!

Vampire Makeup:
Applying Vampire makeup is usually easiest if someone else does it for you this way it will come out cleaner and details will not be easily overlooked. The modern Vampire “look” usually consists of more of a pale face rather than gothic. I am sure you have in mind what kind of Vamp you want to be, modern or not modern! The classic Vampire is more of a gothic look, darker, less dreamy, and of course no sparkles.

Vampire Fangs:
The fangs you will need come in different varieties and you can usually find a couple of of those types at your local store. The “classic” plastic sets are super cheap and you can get those in packs that have several in them! One of the drawbacks, however, is that they make it difficult for the person wearing them to talk! The more expensive types are the “upgrade” fangs and come only to modify your own two teeth! These cost alot more compared to the plastic sets but are probably more comfortable and will last alot longer. You will probably be able to keep these around for several years.

Vampire Hairstyles:
Fixing your hair for Halloween will probably be one of the easiest parts of the costume. For male or female you can use almost any hairstyle that you want! But keep in mind the better you can mimic a “popular” vamp from a movie or a book the better your look will come across and the more believable your costume will be to other trick or treaters.

Vampire Finger Nails:
Adding a little bit of blood to a vampire costume can add something unique to your outfit. Try using your imagination when placing fake blood on different areas of your body. Putting blood on your fingernails makes it look as if you just caught a new victim and could add fear into the eyes of other trick or treaters.

Vampire Bite:
If you are a vampire because you were bitten than you need a fake vampire bite. The neck is the most common place to add fang marks! The vampire bite can be as simple or as complex as you would like it to be, you can use halloween costume latex or, if you are on a budget, you can create the puncture wounds from using only makeup.

Female Vampire Outfits:
Try to find something with dark colors straight from your closet if you are on a budget! Going for the “modern vampire look” will make choosing the outfit easier since modern vamps wear regular human clothes (for the most part).. If you want the classic vamp outfit try wearing a cape!



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