Coney Island Discount for werewolves?

Yes, it’s true. If you go dressed in costume as a werewolf (or vampire) on the full moon, you’ll get a discount off the Cyclone Roller Coaster in Coney Island.  I wonder what the percentage of werewolves to vampires will be?  I suspect most people will dress as vampires….

Full Moon Ad



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6 Responses

  1. Lukesf2 says:

    WTF OMG…….

  2. Shadowwolf says:

    I wonder what happens if you come as your real werewolf self? 😀

  3. Lukesf2 says:

    you get pissed and the park is as good as gone

  4. Ayla says:

    Ha! I’ll bet riding the rollercoaster is more fun than sticking your head out the car window! (*Ahem* Not that I’ve done that… *cough*)

  5. darknesswolf says:

    @Ayla: ive done that “caugh caugh”

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