control the werewolf

Creating control. I can create control. I cannot control the actions of others around me, but I can control my actions, my transformations. I transform my actions into a control that will create a control of the actions around me. To control your transformation look to control your actions, it is there, you just have to create it to be able to control it. Transformations are best when you can control your actions.  Train your mind



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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78 Responses

  1. Elly (help please) says:

    should i warn my friends and family just incase?

  2. Snow Angel says:

    NO! that is something you never want to do. that happened to me in 1876 and i was almost exposed. never go there. let them figure it out

  3. Elly says:

    i love nice people it lets me know there is some sweet left in the world^_^

  4. Elly says:

    ok i will…i trust you because your experianced(i think i spelled that wrong)

  5. elmx says:

    does anyone have advice for me.tonight im gonna change if the cloads pretty scared,especilly since my parents are home.

  6. elmx says:

    this is my first time

  7. Re-searcha says:

    elmx you are a sick person….lol….gonna change indeed… you even listen to’re mad…YOU ARE NOT A WEREWOLF, THEY ARE NOT REAL.

  8. knowledge seeker says:

    re searcha i cant resist this time. how do i know that u r real u could be a figment of our imagination. i think therefore i am so iknow that i exist but i cant prove that u think so u may not exist except for in my imagination. u dont exist in fact u are not real!! its been fun jousting with u but u r unarmed. so i will ignore u from now on figment.

  9. pklett92 says:

    knowledge seeker IDK who the hell you are, but one thing is certain…your the biggest douche bag I’ve seen on here…Your comments aren’t genuine…even re searcha throws down things she believes, but you just embarrass yourself constantly.

  10. anonamous-werewolf says:

    @elmx: i need help too because my mom hears almost everything when she’s sleeping and i’ve been having an urge to be outside at night but can’t open the door to get out without her noticing.

  11. knowledge seeker says:

    pklett i am very genuine when i say re searcha doesnt exist. i am trying to find out about my wolf side and say what i believe on here this is a sight for those who believe in werewolves and vampyres and other mystical creatures or am i mistaken? so how is that embarassing for me to stand up to someone who doesnt believe and makes fun of and puts down everyone. from now on i intend to ignore ur boyfriend re searcha any way. one question first do you believe in god re searcha have u seen god then how do u know he exists was he on CNN doing an interview maybe? if u say the bible is proof it isnt for it was written by men just like the books you say we get our ideas from. so if werewolves and vampyres do not exist neither does God because no one has seen him either.

  12. knowledge seeker says:

    pklett i understand your reason for knocking me u are a satanist and i am wiccan and that is really why u attacked me. i never attacked u so that is the only possible reason. i am here 2 discover more about these suprntural beings not fight with people who dont believe so as i said b4 i will ignore the re searcha.

  13. lee ann says:

    SHHHHHH PK and knowledge seeker :p play nice!

  14. andrew says:

    how do you become werewolf please tell me

  15. Kelly says:

    You dont.

  16. 1993 says:

    Ther is a few was 2 but lisen 2 me once u become 1 u can neveer get read of the wolf

  17. 1993 says:

    @Re-searcha: thats what u thank

  18. lonewolf123 says:

    Gawd guys, GET A ROOM!

  19. Joseph says:

    Hey, I’m 15 and I know I’m a lycan/werewolf, only problem is that I can’t seem to transform, I’ve had times that I feel like I am a little bit, and when I get mad is when it happens the most (I usually can’t remember what I do when that happens) I was wondering, how can I transform when I need to, like tonight is a nice bright moon, and I wanna experience being one, or at least know that i’m becoming one, instead of it being on accident. Any help would be great. (P.s. as far as I know, i’m the only werewolf in my family)

  20. pklett91 says:

    Your probably some form of otherkin Joseph. People who look with longing towards the night sky all have a thing in common. You can read up on what I’m talking about at this website.

    http:// www. paoweb. com/starseed.htm remove the spaces obviously.

  21. WWlover says:

    yeah just because some people dont believe doesnt mean theyre not real… seriosly ppl . Dont visit and coment on thes site anyway if u a nonbeliever. BTW im so with you knowledge seeker 😀

    and thats a fake email i put BTW. im not exposing myreal email


  22. Lachlan says:

    @Re-searcha: dude i know its so stupid there is only two explanations for it either they are warewolves or their just a bunch of pussy wannabies!!!

  23. boone says:

    wow this is cool, i didnt think that i would come across a website like this, i just got done reading some of our post and this legite. i totaly didnt expect to find a website were we can all talk

  24. boone says:

    oh ya i do have a question, what is the harm in forcing it instead of letting come natrually? i was talking to my shaman friend and he says its not good to do

  25. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    an interesting conversation this is.

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