corpora nostra

On the question of if werewolves were created by the good or evil, St Thomas Aquinas’ saying was:

Omnes angeli, boni et mali, ex virtute naturali habent potestatem transmutandi corpora nostra.

Saint Thomas Aquinas

St.Thomas Aquinas, 1225AD - 1274AD

All angels, good and bad have the power of transmutating our bodies.

St Thomas Aquinas was an Italian Priest of the Catholic Church and considered a model teacher for those studying to become a priest.  Read more werewolf sayings.



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128 Responses

  1. Dream Catcher says:

    [email protected]… kutos for the correct spelling.. I didn’t remember how tospell it till u posted..

    @alex: dude they really do carry them just go to ToysRus and they are in the board game section… I seen them last year chrismas shopping.. it blew me away that they would carry them in kids toy store…

  2. Dream Catcher says:

    oh u just got to check these out.. the top link is for a glow in the dark Ouija board, and the second link is about the PINK Ouija board…. its insane!

  3. Lunar says:

    I agree. I heard enough from users that I prefer not to mess with it.

    I seriously doubt it will tell you if you are or not. Never heard of a ouija board being used for such. And dream catcher is right. Sadly enough they sell those things in ToysRUs. Saw one in the one in slidell… it was pink. Wtf?

    @dream catcher:
    Are you now saying you don’t believe the ouija board does anything? You yourself said you know enough about them to stay away

  4. alex says:

    No I would like to know if I am a werewolf but not with a wiji board,can physics tell you if ur a werewol cus there is one near my skool go to animal planet its lost tapes

  5. alex says:

    @sorath rayne coraxo:what are some triggers to transform?

  6. Greyr says:

    hm…… try to imagine someones going to attack like throwing a dagger at you… what would you do? or if thats scary… try to imagine like someones gonna punch you XD lol w/e works anyway lol

  7. who wants proof werewolves exist? who wants it who wants it!?!

  8. http:// sphotos . ak . fbcdn . net / hphotos-ak-ash2/hs396.ash2/67429_163249773695055_100000300994967_406142_6027691_n.jpg

    http:// sphotos . ak . fbcdn . net / hphotos-ak-snc4/hs927.snc4/74078_163249817028384_100000300994967_406144_6734103_n.jpg

    http:// sphotos . ak . fbcdn . net / hphotos-ak-ash2/hs398.ash2/67664_163249803695052_100000300994967_406143_795185_n.jpg

    My buddy John Hayward let me snap a few quick ones during his monthly, and yes i can shift to…took me five hours to find the where i dropped the camera the next morning… remove spaces to view pictures.

  9. yes it is possible, and yes you have to be born with the ability…Sorath, Selinath, the moderators of the site, and Lee Ann are the few i know who come here that have the ability.

  10. and yes Dream catcher…lol we do look more like what you would expect your average Sasquatch to look like. FYI picture of a dead bear? that picture is a werewolf…

  11. and no werewolves are not ‘cool’ or ‘friendly’ so you do not want to be one…and you thought a humans teen Harmon imbalance was bad? More people die of werewolf attacks in the USA than those who die from alcohol poisoning. Maybe that will put things into perspective…

  12. luckily our Government is good at covering these things up…

  13. alex says:

    @pk: hey can a phycic tell u if ur a werewolf with taraot cards

  14. You know when you hit puberty…it hits you like a wall…some people change as late as 14, but those are those strange ones equivalent to a human who doesn’t start growing hair on his face till he’s 21…lol no tarot cards and magic wont tell you if your wolven only your lineage will…

  15. Lunar says:

    Tarrot cards could not tell you if you were a werewolf. Not to my knowledge anyway.

    Wow random…

    Welcome back…

    Hows the baby coming?

  16. alex says:

    @pk:ok thanks do u know some triggers,so dat I can force myself to shift or something

  17. @Lunar: Doing good so far, Liking the fact that this hospital has wifi… They gave her the meds to soften her cervix. She is dozin in and out. Wont be going into labor til tomorrow. Nervous as can be, but it’ll be over soon, and I will have a brand new baby..

  18. Lunar says:

    That is good. I would love to be kept posted. If you do not mind of course? I wish you all the best.

  19. alex says:

    @lunar:awsome @sorath rayne coraxo: hey was goin on,and congrats with ur baby,hey I read the tips for new shapeshifters thing. Annd jjust started breathing deeply and my legs felt tingly and like stuck togethr (cus im laying down). Any advice oh and my heart beat has been fast but now its faster any advice?

  20. Lunar says:

    Sure.. I most probably won’t be on this site at all tomorrow and I would really like to stay updated.

  21. @Lunar: Okay, I’ll keep updating my status, I’d subscribe to me via mobile. That way you can really stay updated as much as possible.

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