corpora nostra

On the question of if werewolves were created by the good or evil, St Thomas Aquinas’ saying was:

Omnes angeli, boni et mali, ex virtute naturali habent potestatem transmutandi corpora nostra.

Saint Thomas Aquinas

St.Thomas Aquinas, 1225AD - 1274AD

All angels, good and bad have the power of transmutating our bodies.

St Thomas Aquinas was an Italian Priest of the Catholic Church and considered a model teacher for those studying to become a priest.  Read more werewolf sayings.



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128 Responses

  1. Somnium says:

    i’m 15.. huh then how old r you?

  2. Well I’m physically 19 spiritually 18,630+ years old.

  3. Greyr says:

    cooollll!!!!! my age is… well it is determined by the many mes(myself) that live alongside me XD

  4. Greyr says:

    i think Somnium was reffering to lee ann. oh well.. lol XD

  5. Somnium says:

    haha mhm doesn’t matter 😛
    @greyr i don’t understand your answer xD

  6. Dante James Born October 28th 2010
    Weight: 5 lbs 2 oz
    Length: 18.5 in
    I love you son 😀

  7. meaghan says:

    @sorath awww i am happy and excited for you lol and wish you well during the long night with not much sleep lmao

  8. I’d do ANYTHING for that little guy

  9. Greyr says:

    lol soweat!!!

  10. lol trigger? After what i told Sorath about shifting he can tell you that it isnt any fun walk in the park…If I were to say it feels like a vat of boiling lava is being poored down your back than I would be under exaggerating in my description of what it feels like to shift into a werewolf. consider that, and then think about what exactly your trying to accomplish. Lol I love how naive people are on this site…Umm I would say go back to loving Vampires…enough said there…

    spoiler…you cant shift into a werewolf unless you A) mate with a deflowered she wolf or B) are born with the genetics from your lineage.

  11. Greyr says:

    aw…… lol fun fun fun

  12. Aconissa says:

    Sorath, I am so glad that there were no complications! Congratulations!

  13. xmen says:

    alex is there something wrong with you, as in in the head? That tingling feeling you are getting is called pins and needles. Its what happens when you leave your legs or arms in a particular position for to long. It happens to everyone. It is the precursor to when your legs go dead. In fact in a week people get it twice on average. I don’t know why you think werewolves exist, when I was twelve the only naiiveness I had was thinking my parents were always right, but that passed, and hopefully so will this thing you’re talking about. Because in all honesty, you sound like you aren’t that clever. If you were, you would know you are not a werewolf, and that whoever told you they are one is making a big fool of you

  14. Greyr says:

    whoa…. ok the drama starts now… XD i knew someone would open drama page woot woot!

  15. TrueDarkness says:

    there are those that you exist that you can not see
    red blood cells for instance (yum) are to small for the human eye but exist
    believing in something is having unblinded faith in something that can not be proven nor disproven.
    “Orbis terrarum est simplex , vita est universa , is est super ortus ut expertus”
    Nosce ti ipsum

    -“faith is stronger than stone”
    know thyself

    not everyone is the same…we are this way for a reason

  16. Dream Catcher says:

    @TrueDarkness: you are absolutely correct on faith.. hate to contradict ya but blood cells can be seen under a scope.. but there are some things that are real and u can see proof without actually seeing IT.. TAKE gravity for instance.. it exists but u can’t see it, all u can see is its consequences.. don’t belive me? Jupm up in the air and it will bring u back down.. lol..

    But anyways.. very good point

  17. Greyr says:

    wow…. its like we have another one of those chapters called the salvation of darkness lol XD this is epic imma remember this one for years even when i torture souls and stuff XD

  18. Lunar says:

    @Dream Catcher:
    And things can still exist without being seen or having solid proof. THe world is such a big place and if you truly wanted to be left unknown, you could. Not to mention, the majority of humans are so wrapped up in themselves and their lives that they often become oblivious to anything that doesn’t concern or they think doesn’t concern that.

  19. meaghan says:

    pft w/ human…..and stuff ……bluhck

  20. meaghan says:

    im not so wrapped up in myself soo blahhhh

  21. Greyr says:

    @meaghan lol…

  22. meaghan says:

    ahhahhhahaha …im soo bored… story of my life lmaooooo

  23. Greyr says:

    lol…. well the story does go on XD

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