creepy gnome sightings in argentina

A creature believed to only exist in legends and folklore caught on tape!scary gnome

A few years ago, a town in Argentina was having creepy gnome sightings. The town was General Guemes, Salta, Argentina, and some kids were out late one night and at about 1am  caught the video of a gnome below with their cellphone camera. The video shows what appears to be a real gnome walking into the road.  He walks with a very odd sideways hop as if he has an injured or stiff leg.  Is this video real?  The kids claim that the gnome is real and that they are freaked out.

According to the kids who saw the gnome:

“We looked to one side and saw that the grass was moving.  To begin with, we thought it was a dog, but when we saw this gnome-like figure begin to emerge we were really afraid”.

“This is no joke.  We are still afraid to go out, just like everyone in the neighborhood is now”.


Gnomes are small human-like creatures typically depicted with white beards, pale skin, rosy cheeks, and pointy hats. They are said to be about two feet tall, be exceptionally strong, have excellent vision, and live in trees or underground areas specifically around vegetation. In folktales it was said that gnomes guarded treasures.

In different countries gnomes are called different things – in Argentina, they’re known as duendes, in Germany they’re known as Erdmanleins, in Sweden they’re called Nisse, in Hungary they’re called Mano, and in Brittany they’re called Nains. And although gnome sightings have occurred in places throughout Europe, the country of Argentina seems to have a concentration of sightings in recent times.



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  1. Omar says:

    Argentina’s population is made up of European descent so it is possible that European immigrants could have brought over their garden gnomes over

  2. she wolf says:

    This “nuno sa punso” (Gnomes in tagalog) were used to be respected by we filipino’s. If I were the kids I would just bow my head and say “we don’t mean no harm”. And plus I am noy afraid of gnomes because since I was little I used to talk to them.

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