Cynanthropy or Weredogs

human dog hybridThe second most common form of shapeshifting known to humans (with werewolves being number 1) is cynanthropy. Cynanthropy is the technical term to describe a weredog – in other words, a human that transforms into a dog. Since there are not many humans that actually are familiar with the term “Cynanthropy”, some weredogs describe themselves as “canine shapeshifters”.

The term “cynanthropy” can be broken down in Greek as:
kun-, kuōn meaning “dog” and anthrōpos, meaning “man”.

While weredogs may seem to be a modern phenomenon, their roots are actually quite old. Perhaps one of the earliest associations with a “shapeshifted” dog can be found in the myths and legends of Hecate – an ancient goddess.  Ancient writings depict the goddess as having three heads – one representing a horse, one of a dog, and one of a serpent.  Other writings depict the goddess as always accompanied by a dog companion.  Some say that the dog companion that is often seen with the goddess is actually the shapeshifted Queen Hekabe (aka Queen Hecuba). Also interestingly, the goddess Hecate herself is often depicted as a dog!!

weredog runningIt is important to understand that weredogs are different from werewolves. When the weredog transforms, it is generally into a larger dog breed type. Weredogs are certainly powerful creatures with enhanced senses, but do not have the sheer power that a werewolf has. In addition, the weredog is not governed by lunar cycles or the moon in the manner that some werewolves are. It is also said that a weredog cannot infect humans with a bite or a scratch, but rather one is born into being a weredog, or develops it latently. In human form, a weredog is virtually indistinguishable from a regular human.



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29 Responses

  1. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    wow that could happen

  2. Josie Thew says:

    I don’t actually know if im a werewolf or not,but sometimes i feel the urge to run into a wood and i have an obsession with lycanthropy. Tell me what’s going on!

  3. MoonLightWolf says:

    @ Josie Thew, i have the same thing going on. i have the strangest feeling to run around, do things i wouldn’t normally do in my daily life, (yes, i do run, but horribly,) and i have just started trying to find out more about werewolves and lycanthropy…. and i’m sorry, but i cannot give you an answer to your question, as i do not have one…

  4. Stellaluxa says:

    I am addicted to werewolves also, and a couple nights ago I had a dream about transforming and partially felt it!!!

  5. chieflongdong says:


  6. chieflongdong says:

    my dong = long

  7. thickdongjohnson says:

    8===========D (!)

  8. chieflongdong says:

    looks like my dong

  9. she wolf says:

    No! Werewolves don’t actually follow a moon cycle! They transform there self with their own will.

  10. dodgerdog2000 says:

    ever since I was born ive acted like a dog.
    I actually barked and howeled before I could talk! I haven’t had an transformation yet but i don’t know when I will plz some 1 tell me wats going on.

  11. She wolf actually the full moon does affect a werewolf transformation. The animal instincts are very powerful and the wolf inside of the werewolf is emerging but not fully into a wolf and the dark power of the full moon powers the wolf inside.

  12. And actually the weredog is also anthropomorphic as well and is a weaker less instinctive and not as cool looking as the werewolf either. They are
    Referred to as furries. (not the people who dress up.) They are also more loyal to humans for it is the human the dog relies on. They are less feral as well.

  13. Elderwerewolf777 says:

    I think that you are referring to wolves on this post.


    WOLVEN originated in England about 120 years ago a witches coven was working on a spell that was supposed to turn them into dogs for a day or two but they messed up somehow and one of the witches was a dog by day and a human by night however her thought was still that of a human. She also had a craving for dead horse meat.


    Shift-dog by day this form also has human thought and blood which can be used for brews.

    Healing-the wolven can heal a gunshot wound in 9-10 hours. However it can’t regrow its limbs.

    Basically mortal

    Craves horse meat

    A human by night. But it becomes a dog by day.


    Being born a wolven (both parents)

  14. dodgerdog2000 says:

    ive done some research and i am a wear dog, but what should i do know can anny 1 tell me please?

  15. she wolf says:

    @Elderwerewolf777: Actually, I’ve said that because I have a werewolf friend and transform into her own will without thet help of a full moon. Or maybe because he made himself into a wolf.

  16. she wolf says:

    And thatnks for posting the Wolven info

  17. Titan777 says:

    mmm…. about that full moon…. it always affects me, I feel my pupils getting larger and sometimes I even feel like I want to climb out of my own skin… My fiance’ has bought me anti-depressants to help me, but it don’t work, I went to a doctor and he scanned me for schizophrenia and I don’t have it. I use have this feeling that I was being followed or watched in South Africa, my home country, by something bigger than human, it also left strange huge footprints on my car one day after the mist settled down. It was big, the night before I saw something lwith a head shaped like a german sheppard dog, only much bigger, and I could see it breathing, the reflection on the curtains from the moonlight, I froze. It stood outside my window for about 10 minutes.. I barely exhaled for those 10 minutes. Felt like the longest 10 minutes of my life. I am 28 years old… I still have some kind of weird inexplainable seizure. I have not been sick in 7 years. I don’t get sick anymore. My body has become stronger, but I don’t exercise, my wounds heal 5 times faster than other people I know. Sometimes I can hear through walls, and see extremely far … my eyes are blinded by florescent lights, it makes me aggressive. . @Elderwerewolf777:

  18. Lycanhope says:

    @Titan777: None of those are werewolf things, so sorry about that.
    Also Elderwerewolf777 is a bad troll that left quite a while ago, so sorry about that too.

  19. Night hawk says:

    Can u still be a born werewolf even though neither of your parents are(but like a ancestor was)

  20. Lycanhope says:

    @Night hawk: It’s not genetic, so yes

  21. eshtarkolan says:

    I feel I am a Weredog myself I had my change back in my late 20s. I Thought strongly I was wolf but I feel more dog in me specifically a chocolate lab.

  22. GhostGirl says:

    Finally someone mentions cynanthropy. also, I should mention in San Diego were dogs aren’t considered the same classification as werewolves. There actually believed to be from a line of cursed humans. I feel like its more of a blessing, really.

  1. October 29, 2017

    […] of the full moon is far from being alone, however. In Africa, there are legends of werehyenas. Cynanthropy is a condition in which a person believes they can shape-shift into the form of a dog. And then there are […]

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