dangerous Scottish shapeshifter Each-uisge

The Each-uisge (pronounced ech-oosh-kya) is a shapeshifter that is said to have the ability to transform into a horse or a pony. The shifter is sometimes called a “water horse” because it is said to inhabit mainly the lochs and sea inlets of the Scottish Highlands, however despite this seemingly pleasant nickname, the shifter is actually a flesh-eating vicious creature.

As legends go, it is said that the Each-uisge takes on a horse shape when on land, and often appears as a shiny black/green horse. The horse often appears to be tame, and humans are often tempted to ride him. This is a ploy which the shapeshifter purposely puts on – the object of which is to eventually eat the rider. What happens is that when a human tries to ride the Each-uisge, if he is within sight of the sea or loch, he will immediately run far out into the water, where the rider drowns, and the Each-uisge then eats him in a vicious manner.

Other legends say that the shifter can transform into a human and walk around in towns and villages in shifted form, preferring to take the shape of a handsome man. They say that the only way to identify the shapeshifter as an Each-uisge instead of a human is by his dripping wet hair or sometimes pieces of seaweed/waterweed clinging to bits of hair.



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  1. she wolf says:

    -facepalmed- (sighs deeply) I just remember my annoying classmate who is a water horse and she really doesn’t know when to shut her @#!* mouth up!

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