Death Sentence vs The new Halloween

From the director of saw, the new movie Death Sentence, by James Wan, is going to open on the same weekend that “Rob Zombie’s” Halloween will open.

Death sentence will star:

Kevin Bacon as Nick Hume

Kelly Preston as Helen Hume, and

John Goodman as Bones Darley to name a few…

On August 31, 2007 James Wan will have a difficult time competing against the Halloween franchise, its not so much the fact that Rob Zombie is directing it as much that its the entire franchise foundation Wan will have to battle. While I am not a fan of Rob Zombies directing I am a fan of his music. But I ask that you support Death Sentence on opening weekend, then go and see Halloween on the Holiday or the week after. James Wan deserves our support -does Rob Zombie? I will see the new Halloween, but not until after I see Death Sentence.

Take this weekend to support James Wan and his original movie, don’t be fooled into believing that Rob Zombie will come through for the fans of Michael Myers, this is “Rob Zombies Halloween.” Although, I hope he will prove me wrong…



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