deer in the headlights, a werewolf’s meal

It happens, a werewolf who is hunting and finds a deer, it’s terrible. The fear that passes by and runs through the deer down it’s spine pumping its heart to the edge of collapse, only instincts can tell the deer to do something, his instincts say do nothing. The prey frozen like a deer in the headlights. He cannot move. He will be frozen. A werewolf will approach, his speed at which he approaches makes no difference because the deer is frozen. The werewolf crept into within five feet of the deer and stood head to head with his prey, fear in the eyes of the deer, and fear in the eyes of the werewolf, except the fear in the werewolf is not fear of being prey, it’s fear that the deer might escape. A chase that would put the werewolf in a pointless pursuit with the outcome that will be the same as now. He will eat. He will not chase. There is no match. The werewolf wins because of the deer in the headlights, the easiest meal for a werewolf.



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  1. she wolf says:

    Now I get what the “frozen” means in she wolf by David G.

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