definition of werewolf

What makes you a werewolf?

Transforming?  A mental shift?  A physical shift?  Growing hair?  Howling?  Feeling the pull of the moon?  Simply calling yourself a werewolf?

The simplest and most common definition of a werewolf is that of a person that transforms into a wolf.  Obviously, yes, this is a werewolf, and this is what most people are familiar with as a traditional definition.  Ask what a werewolf is and this is what most people will tell you – someone that physically transforms into a beast.

But a closer look at this definition brings to light possible variants on the traditional definition.  The first question that can be asked is what does transforming mean?  A physical transformation as everyone traditionally assumes?  Or can the definition of transformation be taken in another – perhaps different – sense?  The answer is that physical transformations are not necessarily mandatory to the definition.  In fact many do consider other types of shifts when defining what a werewolf is – yes, a physical shift is most common, but there are also mental shifts and spiritual shifts which can encompass the definition of things that would make you a werewolf.

Werewolves are also defined as distinctive creatures.  And by distinctive I do not necessarily mean growing hair excessively and howling (although certainly these can sometimes be characteristics), but by distinctive I mean in their thoughts and actions.  Werewolves have a strong sense of being different (though they do not necessarily always know why), they are reclusive and protective (as we have talked about before), and they feel a strong connection with the moon and the outdoors (which they might not understand at first).



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2 Responses

  1. Werewolf LeaAnn says:

    As said in this blog entry, not all transformations are in a physical sense. Could be in a mental sense, as in thinking like a wolf. Perhaps, in pictures. A physical shift is only one type of many different shifts. Mental is one of the most common. Feeling like a wolf, being drawn to the outdoors, or could be a strong as acting like a wolf. It can be very confusing at first, strong sense of belonging in the outdoors, strong love of nature. You think, what is going on? Then again, you may not even realize you think differently than other people.

  2. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    @Werewolf LeaAnn: I don’t realize I think differently then other people I mean I am into odinism but that does not make a Viking

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