Devil’s Mark

The Devil’s Mark (or sometime’s also referred to as the Witch’s Mark) is, as legends hold, a way to identify a witch. In the 1500s and 1600s, it was a widely held belief that the mark, which resembled something similar to an oddly shaped birthmark, and was hidden on the body, was the mark of the devil – in other words, the devil marked a person who was his servant. Officials took things to a whole new level during this time period, flinging accusations at people that were different and accusing all kinds of people of being witches – a period of time which ended up culminating in hysteria, witch hunts, and the now infamous witch trials. People were so afraid of being identified with this mark, that they would cut off moles and warts and hide blemishes and bruises.

It is widely debated where the stories of marks signifying the devil actually came from. There are some that say that it was just something made-up by those who wanted to accuse and prosecute certain people, while there are others that say that the marks were actually based in reality. Theories include the Devil’s mark as being tattoos that marked pagan groups, or people afflicted with Lyme’s disease (a disease which can be identified by an unusual red bulls-eye looking mark on the body.



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2 Responses

  1. knowledge seeker says:

    actually if u had any physical abnormality u were considered 2 have the devil or witches mark if u had one green eye and one blue eye, birth defects, even had a white or gray streak in ur hair u were guilty of witchcraft and burned at the stake or hanged. most who were killed during the burning times were hanged very few were actually burned.

  2. Tomas Castaneda says:

    ey my name is Tomas castaneda. I have some strange things I would like to talk about maybe you could help me. I have story to tell you guys. I would like to know the meaning or even just
    a form of advice. I don’t know who to turn and ask for help but I’m scared my
    self. My life has been shaken . Me and my little brother have always been
    close. We did everything together even the worst smoke.i let him smoke with
    me and at times we would hear this clap. I would ask him if he heard it and
    he would too. Anyways Long story short. 2 months ago he was riding his bike.
    He heard the loud clap and he dazed for a bit and awoke to a cut 4 inches
    long on this left foot. He didn’t feel a pain he didn’t bleed nothing. We
    took him to e hospital and even doctors found it crazy how it had such a cut
    and zero blood. I’m scared I don’t know what to do.

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