difference between a wolf and a coyote

Wolves and coyotes looks somewhat similar, however there are some differences!  If you spot one out in the wild, it’s always helpful to be able to tell what you’re looking at! For the most part, as you would think, a coyote is going to be smaller in stature and form than a wolf.  If you don’t have them side by side to compare however, it might be hard to tell what you’re looking at.  Here are some tips to help you identify the differences between the two…


  • Larger in size than a coyote (typically 1 foot longer)
  • Average weight is from 50 – 100 pounds
  • Ears are typically rounded
  • Snout is typically blocky
  • Can run up to 35 mph
  • Wolf paw print is typically 3.5 inches or more
  • Wolf fur is typically darker colored than coyote fur.


  • Smaller in size than a wolf (typically 1 foot longer)
  • Average weight is from 25 – 50 pounds
  • Ears are typically pointed
  • Snout is typically pointed
  • Can run up to 30mph
  • Coyote paw print is typically 3 inches or less
  • Coyote fur is typically lighter colored than wolf fur.


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