Bridge human-werewolf divide

Werewolf 967 –
In your last post, you indicate that werewolves will be torn between the world of werewolves and humans – this is true! But how to bridge that divide is the question? I think the longer one is a werewolf, the more they become connected with that particular side, and the harder and harder it comes to be connected with humans….it’s not just that it’s easy to forget what it’s like to be human, but also the problem is that humans are the source of all kinds of problems for the werewolf…and the longer one is a werewolf, the harder it becomes to bridge that divide, no matter how much they may initially want to….



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213 Responses

  1. lee ann says:

    O O
    (“) o.o (“)
    ( . )
    (,,/ \,,)

    Its a…. panda! lol. Ok seriously Im bored as hell anyone on

  2. lee ann says:

    NO!!!! they screwed it up!

  3. AlphaWolfLeah says:


  4. Hougenrox334 says:


  5. AlphaWolfLeah says:

    lee ann are u a wolf, vamp, or human?

  6. Hachina says:

    She’s a vampire…

  7. Alice says:

    So mother fuking mad and I dn’t know why. All i want to do is lash out god why today? I swear god, if there is one, must hate me.

  8. BetaWolfAlyssa says:

    Hey anyone on?

  9. Re-searcha says:

    But I didn’t see Lee Ann admit to being one. Hachina you answered for her. Maybe you should let the lady speak for herself. So Lee Ann tell us, what is it that you BELIEVE yourself to be, or rather what are you Claiming to be?

  10. Re-searcha says:

    Lee Ann? We’re waiting.

  11. Koma Akashiya says:

    If Lee is complaining about this post, then she is probably a werewolf. Onto another matter, monsters can disguise themselves in human form to not be discovered, werewolves have full control over their actions while in wolf form.

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