do humans fear vampires or werewolves?

I found some interesting information being taught in a college class on werewolves vs. vampires. It says that humans are generally more afraid of werewolves than vampires, and that the reason for this is because vampires have a clearly defined purpose and goal – they are out to drain your blood – that is their intention, that is their goal, they are predictable and dependable in that way. Werewolves however do not have a clearly defined purpose – they are unpredictable – humans cannot figure out what they are after – do they want to do them harm? And if so why? They dont just want to drain human blood, they want to terrorize? Humans are unclear on their purpose. It is theorized that this unpredictability is what makes werewolves more frightening to humans than vampires.



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273 Responses

  1. of the wind says:

    im not tho…. i wonder

  2. of the wind says:

    i meen i dont fear i just wanted to no

  3. Suki Foxx says:

    yes but the way you worded it it sounded like you were afraid

  4. of the wind says:

    i just found out my dad was werewolf…. i admit im kinda shaky… im only 12!

  5. Tainn-chan says:

    Wow, I really didn’t think my species was frightening o.o. I’m a werewolf but I’ve never killed anyone. Sure I’m unpredictable, but what about humans. You guys conceal more secrets like vampires alike. Just think about this, a werewolf comes down a path in a forest (in human form mind you) and encounters a human. The human triggers no sense in the werewolves feelings to killing that human UNLESS the human has did or done something bad to the werewolf to make him or her go after the human. Basically, we try to get along with humans but sometimes we get misunderstood or mislead by false trust. Vampires are a different story all together.

    Honestly, I think each race; Vampire, Human, Werewolf, Mermaid, you name it; have their own history of darkness within their books. Even more so, it’s sometimes better not to know what goes on because it would bring more chaos into the world that is already having problems as it is. Vampires have already stated their mark of drinking blood for survival. Werewolves; it varies. My fellows have individual cravings, like humans. Some even have broken down to craving blood also. I have cravings in the human food area; hamburgers, hot dogs, stews all the stuff humans eat. It’s not copying at all, just there are certain things that certain individuals eat.

    Humans, from my point of view, you guys worry about what scares you more than what makes you feel comfortable. It’s kind of hard to trust some of you and vampires. Sure, we may scare you, but if I were a human for real, I’d fear vampires more than anything; at least we try to keep our distance from you so that you wouldn’t be hostile towards us. Honestly, in my own opinion, humans scare me more than vampires. Vampires are basically long term enemies thus far.

    I hope you guys understood what I said.
    And don’t worry, I wouldn’t attack you. I’d just say hi 🙂
    Also, be cautious on which werewolf you meet, I’m not the only nice werewolf around but it’s safer on which one of my fellows you run into, some of them have become bitter towards humans as of now because of what happened with some of you kind in the past, so again be careful.

    One more thing, don’t show fear, it worries us sometimes.
    Well, have a nice day 🙂

    -Tainn :3

  6. Tainn-chan says:

    Oh yeah! I almost forgot! We may also be intimidating because in our wolf form we appear taller, masculine, appearance of a wolf (except on two legs), when we bare our teeth (because we’re hunting or preparing to fight when threatened), our claws and the fact that we may make sounds that frighten the living boo-boo out of ya. XD I’m sorry, but it’s funny how you guys freak out when we howl or say a simple word like “boo” in your face. Ha ha! It never stops being funny. XD

  7. VamWolf says:

    XD OMG!!!!! that is so freakin’ funny!! could there be such as half vampire and half werewolf?

  8. Silrath says:


    yea. there is.

  9. J**E** says:

    don’t no since the crossing of the bloodlines have taken place since the beginning. just kidding ^^ lol. lol.

  10. RotRiler says:

    hey guys i have a few questions especialy for sabre

  11. RotRiler says:

    plz tell me someones on

  12. Lukesf2 says:

    LOL teinn or whatever you do know that 2 legged is just hybrid form full shift is a wolf wow some wannabe dident brush up on their paying attention skills

  13. skysky says:

    i just want to ask you guys um…..i dont know if im a werewolf could u guys tell if am one if possable, im female, dirty blondie, blue grey and somtimes white eyes i get hipnotyzed by the moon,somtimes i feel like howling(pplz dont say that im just crazy pplz)

  14. skysky says:

    oh ya i forgot to tell u guys that i always feel like biting all the time

  15. skysky says:

    oh yay and i get mad and angry very easly(srry cant spell so good)and when i get angry i feel like i can do anything and i mean anything

  16. nopack says:

    I was a human for many years. I am a werewolf but when I was a human. I found vampires more frightening, I welcomed werewolves in my human life. I loved wolves in any form as a human and now I am one but I kind of miss my human life.

  17. Porthe says:

    Humans being scared of Werewolfs is a stereotype. I am perfectly fine with something as long as it doesn’t need to harm me. What I don´t like are vampires mainly because I Want my blood for me, not them.

  18. Kevin says:

    @Porthe…: hello. I myself, would state that indeed it may be a stereotype, however keep in mind that there is also something VERY common in this world called “fear,” especially that of the unknown. If they aren’t familiar with, and have only just now seen it, I believe through the stereotypes that there might be a bit of fear. However, as you stated (and much shown in a few supernatural tv shows) humans do not always have to be afraid, in fact it’s likely they won’t when they have seen it before. Because in fact, we adapt, but we can’t adapt with what we haven’t encountered. If we haven’t encountered something, it is likely that we won’t know what to do, therefore essentially, fear. But the thing is, the more we see said creature and realize that werewolves “aren’t that bad,” we will see that we aren’t so afraid of them after all. #sciencebro lol.

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