do humans fear vampires or werewolves?

I found some interesting information being taught in a college class on werewolves vs. vampires. It says that humans are generally more afraid of werewolves than vampires, and that the reason for this is because vampires have a clearly defined purpose and goal – they are out to drain your blood – that is their intention, that is their goal, they are predictable and dependable in that way. Werewolves however do not have a clearly defined purpose – they are unpredictable – humans cannot figure out what they are after – do they want to do them harm? And if so why? They dont just want to drain human blood, they want to terrorize? Humans are unclear on their purpose. It is theorized that this unpredictability is what makes werewolves more frightening to humans than vampires.



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  1. Lukesf2 says:


  2. the light says:

    such hate and anger i see you follow these ones as well i will not talk anymore here for you dont want my help so be it

  3. Joey says:

    You shut up!!
    dont worry its ok everything is good now.

  4. Lukesf2 says:

    look whos talking

    or better yet look in a mirror

  5. Lost Identity says:

    have i been left to rot… perhaps it is best after all… this wolf cannot be freed from its cage or the consequences may be dire… i’ve learned something… the world must be in balance… if i am of such great purity… then i too must be balance with an equally great darkness….but which one will win… dont free me let me rot…. some wolves are meant to be locked in a cage… to keep them from ravaging the land…

    • hmm… not likely your just misguided thats all…. a little love 😉 and youll be back on track XD and meh both sides doesnt have to fight…. -.-

  6. me says:

    ^^ true but are you just gonna give up like that. everything has its own purpose (if you ask what’s my purpose…. don’t know lol. ^^). they say that the wolf must be free and not caged(the more it stays in a cage, the more anger will be stored). if i am wrong about this, then that’s that then eheh ^^ (me)signing out.

  7. jakar says:

    darkness is consuming all of u u need to stay in the light stay where the sun keeps u warm and where the shades are not strong the light people stay in the light!

  8. jakar says:

    and let the preist speak luke his words of wisdom will guide u

  9. Jess says:

    One: Alyssa is influenced. Not twisted
    Two: She is under a great pressure
    Three: Needs help
    Four: If any of you want to speak about her behind her back, go to angelwolf2 webs com. Much Safer, and I want you to do it where i can supervise. appearently false facts are going around. you need the truth.
    Five: Whatever she tells you thats wrong, is coming out of the shade’s mouth. If you do anything to her, you have to go through me first.

  10. Jess says:

    i will not stand for anything happening to her. she protects the shade. doing anything to it, will just go to her

  11. Jess says:

    the blog at angelwolf2 webs com has info

  12. Lone Alpha Wolf Lexi says:

    Is anyone here?

  13. Lone Alpha Wolf Lexi says:

    within the darkness there is always light.. it is you who chooses not to see it, even if it is right before you.. Without Light how would you know what darkness is? Without darkness how would you know what light was? one without the other there would be no balance.. everyone is capable of being both.. it’s the choices we make that determine which takes over more..

  14. AlphaWolfAlyssa says:

    Lexi, come to jess’s site.

  15. AlphaWolfAlyssa says:

    *Yawn* Anyone?

  16. Jarlath says:

    Cages will soon open

  17. Lost Identity says:

    there something more to this sword than just my excitement about finally having it… it feels like… something from a dream……

  18. Jarlath says:

    Vulkan my Brother. I love you, your time comes soon

  19. of the wind says:

    i have a quetion 4 the more expireinst werewolves (considering i a younger one…)does it hurt wen you change…. the first time??

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