do humans fear vampires or werewolves?

I found some interesting information being taught in a college class on werewolves vs. vampires. It says that humans are generally more afraid of werewolves than vampires, and that the reason for this is because vampires have a clearly defined purpose and goal – they are out to drain your blood – that is their intention, that is their goal, they are predictable and dependable in that way. Werewolves however do not have a clearly defined purpose – they are unpredictable – humans cannot figure out what they are after – do they want to do them harm? And if so why? They dont just want to drain human blood, they want to terrorize? Humans are unclear on their purpose. It is theorized that this unpredictability is what makes werewolves more frightening to humans than vampires.



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  1. Jay says:

    Let’s see here.

    Vampire: purposeful, intelligent, hunter, has specific prey
    Werewolf: non-specific prey, questionable intelligence

    Because the vampire is after you specifically you have to deal with it everyday, which makes it predictable, and one could construct a decent defense.

    The werewolf is looking for a “meal.” This means its looking for an easy target. That means that if you can show it that you are not an easy meal you only have to deal with it a couple times sporadically. Which requires a constant state of readiness.

    Following that logic, yes the werewolf is “scarier,” but more easily delt with.

  2. jakar says:

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  3. lee ann says:

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  16. Silent Strike says:

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