werewolves age

As time goes on, do werewolves appear to grow old? In other words, do they physically age? I have already discussed how long werewolves live…the question now is since we know they have a longer than normal lifespan, what would a werewolf look like in old age? The answer is that a werewolf will physically age, but it will be at a much much slower pace than a human. Typically, the werewolf will age normally into his /her early twenties, but then, the aging process slows down considerably, and he will maintain that youthful appearance for quite a while. They will be slowly aging physically, but it will take an extended period of time for a human to notice. This is because werewolves have a natural ability to heal faster than humans, and this includes keeping the youthful appearance of skin, muscles, and physique.



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64 Responses

  1. Argentus Lupus says:

    . says who.

  2. Argentus Lupus says:

    werewolves will in time also fade away:)

  3. me says:

    ehhehe. but not all of them. many werewolves were created differently from the original so they are all not the same^^

  4. Argentus Lupus says:


  5. jo says:

    they wont fade away….:)

  6. jo says:

    note: jo and me are one;)

  7. Henry says:

    Well, I really don’t know if i should be telling this to people I don’t even know… but you people don’t know me either so… Yeah, werewolves are real and I am a werewolf… I know what your thinking “Yeah…Right!” well just to tell all you stupid people out there If you want to tell anyone, GO AHEAD, because I’ll be gone before whoever you told finds me.

    I have to travel in a pack everywhere I go because i hate being alone and im not to strong yet… so if you tell anyone they’ll have to take it to the Alpha… I mean, into there own hands because if anyone is stupid enough to tell anyone out there, then we have a good fight to put up…

  8. Henry says:

    NOT! i waz joking, dawgs! lol! HaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!!!!!!!

  9. jo says:

    ehhe,, i really adore little mind games but i also really hate them as well… backstabbers and liers out there! id only wish they would all die but who am i to judge?… and i cannot deny the fact that it has been apart of me since the very first day of birth… so lets just pretend that this never happened lol!

  10. brotherhorn says:

    Werewolves will live in genarations trought the bloodlines(Familys).
    So I dont belive that they will fade ovey or somthing,they all will live and hawe lived in worlds myths.

  11. jamz says:

    That weird some people think im still 17 or 18 im like in my 20s there like wtF really lol

  12. Holly says:

    You people are crazy…..werewolves are not REAL!!!!!!!! Come on people you got to believe me I know werewolves are not real because you don’t hear on the news “today this family got eating by this human/wolf thing” you don’t hear that also I’m a Christian I promise werewolves are not real! I trust in god some of you people may or may not but i do if you want to tell the world that werewolves are real I won’t you to look back in time and think about when you did that and say why did I do that because werewolves are not REAL!!!!!!

  13. I gotta question for you, Holly. If you don’t belive in werewolves, why the h.ell are you on a ilovewerewolves site!?

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