Do werewolves exist?

The question of if werewolves exist is one that has been asked for generations.  Even if you go back hundreds of years, you will find artwork and images depicting werewolves – you will find eye witness reports and tales of sightings of the creatures – all leading one to believe that werewolves must in fact be real!  But, for each piece of proof or evidence of existence that you find, you’ll find an equal number of articles and theories against their very existence saying that they are not real.  So what do you believe?

Do werewolves exist?

There are three main theories that you can examine in answer to this question.

Answer #1: No, werewolves are not real and do not exist.

This is the answer that the vast majority of humans will give you.  Off the top of their head, and without doing any thought on the topic, most humans will say “no, werewolves do not exist”.  This however is not a credible answer to the question.  Humans that say that werewolves are not real are simply basing their answer on the fact that they do not think that werewolves exist.  They base this “thought” on things such as they have never seen one, or they think that the very concept of the werewolf is too outlandish and far-fetched, or that a werewolf is simply not possible in a biological sense.  None of these reasons  have any credence at all – each can be easily debunked  – never having seen a creature does not mean that it doesn’t exist (for example, have you ever seen a giant squid? probably not, as almost noone has – and yet they do exist!….do you think that a blood sucking bird is outlandish and impossible?  probably! and yet they do exist!!…do you think plants that eat animals are not biologically possible? probably! and yet they exist!).  In short, the answer that werewolves do not exist just simply can’t be proven.

 Answer #2:  Yes, werewolves are real! They do exist.

When someone claims that werewolves exist, immediately those that think they don’t do everything in their power to make the person that does believe in their existence look not credible.  If however you look at the evidence and facts, you’ll see that there is far more that supports the answer that werewolves do indeed exist.  There are legends, myths, and folk-tales which date back hundreds of years – and as any historian will tell you, many myths and legends are based on some type of truth. Going back even farther, there exist heiroglyphs and cave paintings of shapeshifters…still don’t believe the legends or the drawings of ancient peoples?  How about actual sightings? Over the years there have been many eye-witness reports of shapeshifters – some obviously hoaxes, but others from far more reliable sources spanning many different cultures.  Can you discredit everyone that claims to have seen a werewolf?  Everyone?  If you don’t think that werewolves exist, the question you have to ask yourself is what evidence would you need to make you think that they exist?  Would you actually have to see the werewolf yourself?  Even then, would it be enough for you to believe in them?  Often even if people see something first-hand and they don’t want to believe in it they won’t.

Answer #3: Werewolves existed at one time, but they no longer exist.

Surprisingly, this answer is one that very few people give in response to the question on if werewolves exist.  And perhaps it is an answer that many people could come to terms with.  It would explain the legends and myths.  It would explain the old sightings.  It would be one explanation as to why you don’t see them walking down the streets today.  But what about the continued sightings? And first hand reports by actual werewolves?

So what is the answer?

Chances are that society has already convinced you of what the answer should be.  The challenge to you is to do the research, and study the history and determine for yourself what is the answer you can believe in.  Werewolves (both the factual and the fictional) are reclusive, hard to identify, and not trusting of revealing their identities, so chances are that unless you are a werewolf, or know a werewolf, you will never have hard solid proof. The question you must ask yourself is, how much evidence do you need to believe?



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152 Responses

  1. Lee Ann says:

    No you’re clearly not smart.

  2. Lee Ann says:

    Which simply dubs your attempt at being “smart” or clever in any sense an utter waste of my time. The immaturity you possess towards having a logical conversation seems to put intelligence more than slightly out of your grasp.

  3. Hunter-43 says:

    @Lee Ann: ok so what, just because I like to talk sh*t and have fun makes me retarded, unintelligent, and immature? I don’t think so a**hole. Oh and one more thing, I have a 4.0 GPA so…. F**k you d*ckhead.

  4. Lee Ann says:

    Ah curse words… The simpletons arsenal haha

  5. Hunter-43 says:

    @Lee Ann: haha!

  6. Lycanhope says:

    Cursing to get your point across is childish.
    Starring out curse words is even more so.
    Why are you still bothering with this idiot Lee?

  7. Lee Ann says:

    @Lycanhope: I’m nefarious, bored and in dire need of temporary amusement…

  8. Hunter-43 says:

    @Lycanhope: Did anyone see the “super” moon the other day?

  9. Alfa SheWolf says:

    @Lee Ann: hey d*ck mout u may wamna shut up cuz u just go on websites to make fun of people cuz u cant do it in real life

  10. Alfa SheWolf says:

    @Hunter-43: hey I never know something could have happened to you and that other girl can….well shouldnt say it on here

  11. Alfa SheWolf says:

    @Lee Ann: hey if u need amusement u should play with ur self cuz no one wants u on here

  12. Lee Ann says:

    @Alfa SheWolf: It’s *alpha btw

  13. Lycanhope says:

    @Alfa SheWolf: People that can’t construct sentences, swear in symbol language, and can’t spell mouth correctly don’t have their opinions listened to. Just saying.

    @Hunter-43: I know I’m going to regret asking, but why would I be interested in the “super” moon?

  14. Hunter-43 says:

    @Lycanhope: idk, i just thought it was really cool and pretty. Wanted to know if anybody else saw it. :/

  15. newborn says:

    Hey, umm my friend told me about this site?
    I need help, last night was a full moon, well I live way back in the woods and, well I was taking a walk with my little brother and something came out of nowhere and started attacking him, he is fine, well I tackled the dog thing and it did nothing but bite one spot on my shoulder, I told my brother to run, but anyway I have had increased sight sound and speed, I cant be sure but I think it was a wolf, I guess we will find out next month…
    if you have any info cantact me at [email protected]

  16. Lycanhope says:

    @newborn: The fact that you started questioningly worries me. Did your friend tell you about this site or didn’t he?
    The fact that you then moved on to a story telling tone is worse.
    This was all explained when you mention biting.

    You’re not a werewolf, most likely none of that happened. If it did happen, go see a doctor because you might get an infection from being bitten by some strange animal.

  17. lycanlife says:

    hey guys

  18. michael says:

    Please, I will like to be a ware wolf.

  19. Adrian Reyes says:

    Tell me more, I really feel like I need to know more

  20. Niklaus says:

    Well, mates….gues enough is enough with all the bluffing….

  21. canyenlupis says:

    if there us enough evidence to support the fact that werewolves do exist then there in no reason to disclose it as being fiction.If it is clear evidence then it can not be categorized as an imaginary creature. However i am quite skeptical that some of the evidence that supports the existence of werewolves like eye witness over exaggerate what actually happened due to an overload of adrenalin and shock. this doesn’t mean i don’t believe they don’t exists. i am no expert but i just think with the amount of fascination that werewolves bring it could be the reason we can’t find concrete evidence. if you are not only fascinated with werewolves but something completely different like mermaids i would suggest you go to this link, it is quite mind opening and might change your mind on all of these fictional creatures.

  22. Gabriel says:

    @canyenlupis: Nice, need to work on punctuation, and i believe that documentary is fake anyway, but pretty good.

  23. canyenlupis says:

    @gabriel: thanks for the heads up on my punctuation as i did not see some of the mistakes i made but i was not focused on the punctuation, just getting y opinion out there,as for the documentary once again that is your personal opinion and i will respect that. you can choose whether to believe in the documentary or not , peoples choice

  24. Anonymous says:

    This article is wrong. I have seen…. I am a werewolf. Whoever thinks that werewolves aren’t real is wrong because I am living to be one and to see others. I am a body shifter and I may change as I please. Now, we aren’t what you expect to be as twilight but we are somewhat similar the only difference is we don’t get along with vampires no matter what (DUH!) and yes vampires do exist but the bad thing of them is that they crave for blood so badly that if they don’t have it, they die I haven’t been hunting lately for reasons of my own but I can tell you this. We aren’t the type of werewolves that turn into a hairy human as you may see in YouTube. No way we actually are wolves and not some sort of hairy strange human formed creature when we shift we are werewolves and when we shift back we are humans regular humans. I can’t say more but what I can say is this, we are all over not necessarily in the forest but we are just ordinary people. We may be someone you happen to know or we may be someone you don’t know. The thing is not all of us are the same not all of us kill people we just eat in our human form when hungry no need to be afraid of us we are like dogs except we are wild. We won’t hurt unless you hurt us…… Anyways just saying that werewolves do exist. We are ancient animals and we are immortal (some of us) we stop aging once we are twenty two we still have our age but our outside is the same. Just a FYI
    Bye. And don’t ever doubt that there isn’t or aren’t any more werewolves

  25. Lycanhope says:

    @Anonymous: See, I was with you for a while. Changing between “seen a werewolf” and “I am a werewolf” confused me, but that could be overlooked. And then you feel further and further down the stereotype train.

    We do NOT hate vampires, why would we, they’re just people.
    We don’t hunt people period, there is no “most of us” involved.
    And most importantly, we are NOT immortal, any of us. There is no age-stopping nonsense, I don’t even know how that rumor started.

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