Do werewolves exist?

The question of if werewolves exist is one that has been asked for generations.  Even if you go back hundreds of years, you will find artwork and images depicting werewolves – you will find eye witness reports and tales of sightings of the creatures – all leading one to believe that werewolves must in fact be real!  But, for each piece of proof or evidence of existence that you find, you’ll find an equal number of articles and theories against their very existence saying that they are not real.  So what do you believe?

Do werewolves exist?

There are three main theories that you can examine in answer to this question.

Answer #1: No, werewolves are not real and do not exist.

This is the answer that the vast majority of humans will give you.  Off the top of their head, and without doing any thought on the topic, most humans will say “no, werewolves do not exist”.  This however is not a credible answer to the question.  Humans that say that werewolves are not real are simply basing their answer on the fact that they do not think that werewolves exist.  They base this “thought” on things such as they have never seen one, or they think that the very concept of the werewolf is too outlandish and far-fetched, or that a werewolf is simply not possible in a biological sense.  None of these reasons  have any credence at all – each can be easily debunked  – never having seen a creature does not mean that it doesn’t exist (for example, have you ever seen a giant squid? probably not, as almost noone has – and yet they do exist!….do you think that a blood sucking bird is outlandish and impossible?  probably! and yet they do exist!!…do you think plants that eat animals are not biologically possible? probably! and yet they exist!).  In short, the answer that werewolves do not exist just simply can’t be proven.

 Answer #2:  Yes, werewolves are real! They do exist.

When someone claims that werewolves exist, immediately those that think they don’t do everything in their power to make the person that does believe in their existence look not credible.  If however you look at the evidence and facts, you’ll see that there is far more that supports the answer that werewolves do indeed exist.  There are legends, myths, and folk-tales which date back hundreds of years – and as any historian will tell you, many myths and legends are based on some type of truth. Going back even farther, there exist heiroglyphs and cave paintings of shapeshifters…still don’t believe the legends or the drawings of ancient peoples?  How about actual sightings? Over the years there have been many eye-witness reports of shapeshifters – some obviously hoaxes, but others from far more reliable sources spanning many different cultures.  Can you discredit everyone that claims to have seen a werewolf?  Everyone?  If you don’t think that werewolves exist, the question you have to ask yourself is what evidence would you need to make you think that they exist?  Would you actually have to see the werewolf yourself?  Even then, would it be enough for you to believe in them?  Often even if people see something first-hand and they don’t want to believe in it they won’t.

Answer #3: Werewolves existed at one time, but they no longer exist.

Surprisingly, this answer is one that very few people give in response to the question on if werewolves exist.  And perhaps it is an answer that many people could come to terms with.  It would explain the legends and myths.  It would explain the old sightings.  It would be one explanation as to why you don’t see them walking down the streets today.  But what about the continued sightings? And first hand reports by actual werewolves?

So what is the answer?

Chances are that society has already convinced you of what the answer should be.  The challenge to you is to do the research, and study the history and determine for yourself what is the answer you can believe in.  Werewolves (both the factual and the fictional) are reclusive, hard to identify, and not trusting of revealing their identities, so chances are that unless you are a werewolf, or know a werewolf, you will never have hard solid proof. The question you must ask yourself is, how much evidence do you need to believe?



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153 Responses

  1. iwanabeawerewolf says:


    I really want to be a werewolf. This may sound weird but actually if there’s a full moon, I just stare at it and envy werewolf’s and want to be one of them SO much. Can you become one???


  2. Lycanhope says:


  3. Brendiz says:

    Isn’t it difficult to try and understand and ask yourself, if it’s true? I myself have a huge obsession over wolves, and the idea of werewolves makes me go crazy. I want to believe and I want to find the facts so I can actually tell myself they exist, but there are those little peices in you that tell you that this is reality… Not some fiction book. It’s hard to tell if you believe or not with others opinions. It’s hard to look for evidence. I want to believe, and I want to befriend one… Desperately. I don’t know what to believe. Reality sucks, and I could use this type of excitement in my life.

  4. Brendiz says:

    Is it possible if someone could give me answers? Not wanting to be one myself, but befriending one sounds amazing… Anywho, I am not one of those people who are crazy about supernatural things, but I am obsessed with wolves, and I have been all my life. 18 and crazy about them. Befriending one is all I ask. Haha but I guess if they are real, they want to be more to themselves? If anyone could shed some light and email me, I would be most grateful.

    • MoonFlameWolf says:

      Apparently some farmer found a werewolf skull

    • @Brendiz, girl/Boy i want you to belive in what you belive in! Be yourself! I have the same affects that you have with werewolves! So we are kind of the same on that! I belive they are really with or without evedans (dont know how spell)

  5. Leave it says:

    A. Popular theory of where Werewolfism came from was a Excess hair disorder. This cause extra hair growth to appear all over your body. These men sort of looked like a wolf. I don’t bekeive is werewokves. I would like someone to exeplain to be scientifically how the human body could with stand such change. Your bone structure, guts, orgins and even your brain would hqve too shift around. How’s. In would also dare a believe to give me multiple experiments to support their claim. How does the human body gonthrough such change with out dying? What causes these changes? And wouldn’t sergens have reported strange anomaly’s in the DNA their were wolf patients?

  6. Leave it says:

    I hate typing on my phone the keys are too small thus typos. Urgh.

  7. Pete says:

    Werewolves, are witches on a way different evil level. They exist

  8. LegendLupe046 (Alpha of the Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    @Pete yes they do exist, but probably not in the way you think.

  9. Emrys says:

    being it true or not I will like to befriend one

  10. KitchiLupe says:

    @Emrys tbh they aren’t much different than a typical human. Because they are human themselves. So I don’t think there is much of a difference.

  11. brownie_lover says:

    Do werewolves have soulmate?
    Just curious
    Because I really badly wanted to be one

  12. WolfRecon says:

    Is it possible for werewolves to have children? I mean, there should be some possibility there. And if so, is it possible for a werewolf to have a kid with a human? That could then mean that there could be werewolf DNA in us that is latent or waiting to take over. It’s possible for a human to go through the change simply because their bodies would be specially built for it. Their bones and muscles would have greater density and strength than usual, possibly with more flexibility as well, allowing them to change, although painfully, without too much damage. There would be damage however.

    • Sator says:

      Werewolves have never been, historically or in any form of folklore, ever been described as being a “separate” species or subspecies from normal humans unlike angels, demons, Fae or merpeople to name just a few. Werewolves, historically and traditionally, are ordinary humans, that, because of some sort of curse or ritual, can transform into wolves. That means that werewolves can have children the same as humans. as they are essentially still human and wether or not they also become werewolves depends on the nature of the curse or ritual.

    • Lupe says:

      @Sator: I agree with each fact up until curse or ritual. In my experience, rituals never seem to work to transform one into a werewolf.

      @WolfRecon: I respect your theories, they do seem thought out. Still, as @Sator mentioned, including in folklore, have been typical humans under some curse or ritual. There are other definitions, but we’ll focus on this one for now. 😉

  13. Sator says:

    The majority of documented werewolf rituals include deadly and dangerous substances up to and including opium, hemlock and henbane. The only safe one to do is one that is documented in Sabine Baring Gould’s famous and widely avaliable book “The Book of Werewolves” which involves stabbing a tree stump with a copper knife and circling around it while saying an incantation and finally jumping over the tree stump and turning into a wolf.This is found in the internet with the title “russian werewolf spell” and is listed in the same title in Gould’s book. I tried it, fashioning a crude copper knife (read more like a prisom shank) out of a copper pipe, took me hours. Needless to say, it did not work, however, the rituals itself were said to be practiced by powerful, highly skilled sorcerers. The implementation of any ritual involves a certain state of mind or practice or ability according to various people(I know this is vague and sounds stupid but for the sake of making a point, please just go along with this) which requires practice. I can say that I was not in a very different state of mind, I certainly tried, but I knew I wasn’t. @Lupe, I certainly don’t want to presume or judge your ability or profficiency a magic or doing rituals, but I am assuming, that you, like me, do not have years of extremely dedicated training or practice or perhaps even a pact with the devil that would provide us with enough “magic” to tranform. All I ask is that we do not rule out the viability of these rituals just because we could not do it, there were people in history that made a mark because of their “magic” be it John Dee or the Oracle of Delphi, even Theiss the so called old werewolf and their way of doing things may have been different from ours.

    • Lupe says:

      @Sator: Perhaps, and you make a few valid points. I am familiar with the frame of mind needed for “spells,” as well as the practice necessary for such spells to occur. The purpose of practice is to strengthen one’s ability; magic is like a muscle. What binds it to reality is the physics involved. I do believe some level of werewolfism is possible, and I’m sure the Oracle of Delphi, along with all the others listed, were very experienced in their fields. Needless to say, they must’ve understood this themselves.

      I’m not entirely disagreeing with your statements, in fact I agree with your research. I’m merely concerned with trusting that stabbing a copper knife in a trunk, and yelling and running around it, would cause a physical transformation. Not only this, but drinking some chemical mixture.

  14. Sator says:

    That is all I ask, I feel the need to defend my stupidity when doing the copper ritual. It’s not that I fully trusted the copper ritual, I was bored and had nothing to do, but now I can conclusively say that it doesn’t work. I do not condone and do not believe in the chemical mixtures. Using the chemical mixture would certainly kill you and with that, may or may not give you a hallucination of being a werewolf while you lie unconscious, dying. So anyways, umm… good day

  15. Hope says:

    I believe there is more out in this world that we have yet to discover.

  16. Rjs says:

    I believe if werewolves do exist it would be a infectious disease that would end with a permanent transformation into a wolf or wolf like creature although they may retain memories of their human lives they go and live in deep forests or with others of their kind of real wolves
    One movie that got it right in my opinion is the ginger snaps trilogy any body like my opinion of they we’re real?

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