Do werewolves have tails?

You can find pictures (and movies) of werewolves both ways, with and without, and it is much debated which is true. Many modern movies will show werewolves with tails, I think one of the reasons for this is that it is something very different from humans, and something which humans do not have. If you grow a tail when you transform, you are definitely not human….the movie Ginger Snaps is a good example of this, they use the growth of the tail to show that this person is not human, and it’s supposed to be one of the first signs of the werewolf transformation.

More logically however, werewolves do not have tails.  Werewolves are humans that transform…growing a tail would mean growing actual bones during the transformation process.  While many things happen during transformation, growing an actual tail is not one of them.

werewolf with tail

werewolf with tail


werewolf no tail

werewolf with no tail



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35 Responses

  1. you can not just BE a werewolf by moving and you can be turned into a werewolf or born a werewolf. there are lots more than 7 werewolf types. ALL of the werewolves have a tail. we grow tails because we are supernatural creatures and not a scientific creature.

  2. she wolf says:

    I do grow a tail but its only short and furry that my fur is almost touches to the ground. I got annoyed by my tail.

  3. Mitchell McDonald says:

    Oh, so according to the images, growing a MUZZLE and DIGIGRADE isn’t considered GROWING BONES, it’s just if it is growing a TAIL?

    Wow, you really need to learn anatomy… if there were no bones being grown, all werewolves would look like the werewolf from Teen Wolf: A REALLY HAIRY APE MAN

  4. Gabriel says:

    @Mitchell McDonald: You seem to talk sense. Now this has nothing to do with your statement because that’s basic anatomy but are oh anything non human?

  5. flame says:

    the tail bone like the muzzle elongates not very long but enough where its visible by a few inches or more

  6. Star26 says:

    What do werewolves look like?

  7. felioness says:

    If a human transforming into a wolf by growing fur, claws/paws and a muzzle they can grow a tail. It would simply be the extension of the TAILBONE!!!!

  8. Jeremiah Thornton says:

    Couldn’t the problem be solved by extra bone mass compared to the standard Homo sapien? After all, natural-born shapeshifters like therianthropes regraft their bones and teeth to animalistic shapes somehow.

  9. Lupe says:

    Questionable, but I won’t argue.

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