Do werewolves have tails?

You can find pictures (and movies) of werewolves both ways, with and without, and it is much debated which is true. Many modern movies will show werewolves with tails, I think one of the reasons for this is that it is something very different from humans, and something which humans do not have. If you grow a tail when you transform, you are definitely not human….the movie Ginger Snaps is a good example of this, they use the growth of the tail to show that this person is not human, and it’s supposed to be one of the first signs of the werewolf transformation.

More logically however, werewolves do not have tails.  Werewolves are humans that transform…growing a tail would mean growing actual bones during the transformation process.  While many things happen during transformation, growing an actual tail is not one of them.

werewolf with tail

werewolf with tail


werewolf no tail

werewolf with no tail



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35 Responses

  1. Unknown_Wolf says:


  2. Carly says:

    i grow a tail to. it started out short then as i matured and transformed more often, it got longer. now it is only about six inches or so.

  3. Dramund says:

    the genetics for a tail are there, just needs to be woken up

  4. Diane says:

    I am told that they do in fact grow tails. Also, my friend was a little upset by my asking him that question. He said, “Yes, of sorts. I don’t like that question. It makes it seem cartoonish.”

  5. fire phinex says:

    do u any of u know wat a seer is

  6. Young Wolf Alpha Lexi says:

    Fire Phinex.. a seer is just someone who can see certain things without the use of human eyes.. it’s an intuitive thing.. like seeing the future.. or seeing the past.. or even seeing death… it’s just a second sight that uses a different set of eyes than the ones your used to seeing through now… like I said.. it’s intuitive..

  7. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    i look exactly like a wolf so yes i have a tail sometimes i wonder if im actually a wolf in a human body and not a werewolf

  8. one who is half says:

    i am a human who has the sight and hearing, even taste of a wolf. but i never transform. some one help plz i wanna becum 1 of u fully not half.

  9. one who is half says:

    how do i for real i need help please!

  10. pretty hot says:

    one who is half just move your body.

  11. pklett92 says:

    come chat with me about it werewolf haven

  12. grayfeng says:

    i have heard a couple legends behind this. (warning includes religious bs undertones just sharing what i’v heard dont kill the messenger) 1 wolves were chosen to protect mankind from the evils of the world after being kicked out of Eden. able to take the form of man wolf and a “shared form” (i.e. werewolf form) the wolves fulfilled their purpose excellently allowing man to become the dominant species of the earth. in time man began to hate the wolf for their strength and transformation and called them evil. the wolves would not protect those who despised them and rejected their duty. as man spread across the world so did the wolves. in some lands the wolves were respected and honored protectors in other lands they were hated and feared. in the face of hatred the wolves consulted with witches who relieved them of their duty to humans but also their humanity. the witches removed their tails and turned them into the mindless beasts the humans believed them to be. cultures like the native americans honored the wolves so native american werewolves would likely still have tails. in europe wolves were called demons and probably have no tails

  13. Greyr says:

    doo dooo dah dah doo doo de day XD

  14. cj says:

    @fire phinex: it is some one how sees visions

  15. Jr says:

    it all depends on the type of werewolf.. there are over 7 kind

  16. Astute newt says:

    there’s 7? I was only aware of about 3.

  17. siuper says:

    @one who is half: yeah
    i have the same thing too im from inside a wolf but not from outside 🙁
    i do not roleplay! Just want too transform or what

  18. siuper says:

    Dude’s I am a wolf (not a werewolf thing)
    I can feel it, I can see in dark too
    but i don’t look like it
    Can anyone help me?

  19. siuper says:

    PLZ HELP :0

  20. wolf/human girl says:

    im 13 nd i researched werewolfs nd know how 2 see if u will be 1 im want to be 1 ill do anything any advice ?

  21. Observer says:

    @wolf/human girl:
    I’m sorry to tell you, but you can not be turned into a werewolf (if you prefer that term) you have to be born as one. Another word for it is therian, here is a vague look at it:

  22. Observer says:

    What is it you need help with exactly?

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