Do werewolves hunt other werewolves

The community of werewolves while small, is very loyal to one  another.   Unlike humans and vampires, werewolves do not typically hunt their own kind.  There is a silent unity amongst werewolves even if they do not know each other.  That is not to say that packs don’t sometimes fight each other, and that is not to say that werewolves don’t sometimes dislike others of their kind.  In fact, many werewolves prefer to be on their own and have nothing to do with others of their kind.  If they were to fight each other it would typically be over a personal issue or for a specific reason – and not because they have been hired by an individual to do so.  Convincing a werewolf to hunt another of his kind for no personal reason would be very difficult to do.  Most  werewolf hunters are therefore human.



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4 Responses

  1. whoooooooooo!!!!!!! wolves gonna fight and win!!!!!

  2. Actually, our community isn’t very small, just hidden. the hunters have shown up in areas where werewolves were reported, and they murder us. the hunters are criminal scoundrels. I, as a werewolf, do not have a hatred towards regular humans like many of us do, but I hate hunters with a passion, and I think the are hunting me. astonishing, seeing as I’ve been a werewolf for only a short period. I am hoping that when the blood lust comes, I can control it.

  3. KitchiLupe says:

    @Robby um.. blood.. lust.. dude I think you have far more problems than hunters.

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