Do werewolves like the cold?

Yes! In fact, most werewolves are naturally very warm, so the cold does not bother them that much. If you touch a werewolf in human form, they will feel warmer to the touch than do werewolves like the cold?you would expect a human to feel. In werewolf form, the werewolf will feel even warmer to the touch. This is because their body core stays much warmer than normal.

In addition, some werewolves can to a certain degree control their body temperature, allowing them to be comfortable in colder climates much easier than humans.The werewolf’s unique ability to regulate its body temperature is somewhat similar to what happens with a wolf. Wolves have the ability to constrict their peripheral blood vessels allowing the blood flow near the skin to be reduced – this results in less heat loss. This ability develops over time with the werewolf, so that those that have been werewolves for a period of time have this ability as well.

In many depictions of werewolves, you will see that the werewolves are covered in fur. Fur developed in ancient werewolves as an aid to assist surviving harsher, colder climates – similar to how it helps wolves. Some werewolves in colder climates still develop a covering of fur and thus resemble “typical” werewolves of legend. There is a shift however to many of the newer werewolves in warmer climates to not develop as much fur over their body, as this old adaptation is no longer needed. In fact, though there are some that resemble the “typical” werewolf of legend, many werewolves in both cold and warm climates are starting to resemble humans much more than they ever did before, even in werewolf form. What about werewolf body part regeneration?



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    wwwweeepepepeppepepepep hurrraaaayyy!!!!
    im crazy its time toi be crazier!!!!!

  2. Lunar says:

    I had coffee 🙂

  3. liz says:

    i need a pack!!!!!!!!! now

  4. luis orrias jr says:

    this has been the most heplful and i tryed a spell to gp with this and i got so hot that i litterly sweted and wondered if thtas normal and found my answeer here

  5. Gabriel says:

    @luis orrias jr: Being a bit warmer than others doesn’t make you a werewolf, I mean I’m warmer but I also get cold, maybe even more so than others, so in reality I’m normal in that sense and from what I’ve seen everyone else is too.

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