Does the advance of technology hurt the werewolf?

Technology is advancing at an astronomical pace.  What does this mean?  Are science and technology werewolvestechnology advancing at such a rapid rate that the werewolf is endangered?

There is no question that we are moving into the world of science fiction…. Manufacturers predict by the year 2014 we will have virtual reality contact lenses that can generate a 3-D computer graphic world for the user. Scientists have created an “invisibility cloak” and hope that a larger version is on the way…  Physicists think they may be on to cracking time travel…  All these advances in technology, while sounding like they come straight out of science fiction, are actually true!

And while these may seem relatively harmless to the werewolf, there are other advances that might make you question the werewolf’s relative safety – for example, there are sources that claim that drones now patrol the air, capturing images of neighborhoods and streets to see where the crimes are.  Some police stations are implementing cameras in the light fixtures at your neighborhood street corner in order to track what is going on (yes, they can see  and hear you!) And some federal agents even use “mobile phone tracking” to track where a person is via triangulation of their cell phone signal (even if  the cellphone is tucked away in your pocket).  All these things mean that there are less places for a werewolf to hide.

So, does this advance in technology hurt the werewolf?

The answer, surprisingly is no!  One reason is that many werewolves live in more rural environments that are remote were all these types of technology are not necessarily focused on collecting data, and where geographical features such as dense trees, hills, and mountains could obscure signals.    And even if somehow some of this technology did pick up a reference to a werewolf, humans – and more specifically the humans that have created all this technology aimed at surveillance – do not believe in werewolves!  So the very last thing they will be looking for – or even believe if they even find it – is evidence of a werewolf.  They can listen to all the conversations they want, but chances are they will turn a blind eye to it.   They will be literally deaf to it.

In short, technology should not be feared by the werewolf.  Rather, it can be used to the werewolf’s advantage.  And there is often no better place to hide than in plain view.



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11 Responses

  1. Technolghy defnately makes thing better for werewolves. Whevener I go thru ‘the change’, I sumtimes dont want to go out, even when I need lots of stuff. But I dont realy have to go out much anyway, cos I do all my shopping online. Food, clothes, razers, whatever! So I don’t have to go out unless I WANT to go out.

    Also I like puting things in the microwaive. Couldnt do that 20 years ago. I hate drones but. Totes agree about that part.

  2. Lycanhope says:

    Technology is extremely beneficial, how else would we find each other? Without the internet, we’d be alone, trying to understand by ourselves and struggling through life. On the flip side, it’s hard to find others when the internet is full of rpers.

  3. Crimby says:

    I agree about the microwaves. Imagine cooking nachos in the woods – LOL!

  4. Adam Watts says:

    @Crimby – Werewolves dont eat nachos cos we cant handle the lactose very well. Gives me a sore bangle.
    @Lycanhope – What are ‘rpers’? I asked my brother Owen, but he wouldnt tell me.

  5. Gold says:

    Strange I don’t mind eating nachos

  6. Leon marrok says:

    @Adam Watts:I believe what Lycanhope meant to say was role players.

  7. Amanda says:

    Yes. How would we find “eachother”? I have seen a werewolf in true form. I have questions. And demand answers from someone who is REAL and not full of shit. I’ve been carrying this secret for about 4 years and need to know what the hell is going on. May 2008. Montana. I’m in Denver now.

  8. Gold says:

    Ok ask away 🙂

  9. COuldn’t be said better Buddy!

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