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“It’s their world now.”Dog World werewolf book

With these simple words, the novel Dog World by Jason McKinney opens, inviting you into a world where werewolves rule, and human civilization has fallen. Intrigued by this introduction, I dove into the book, and into McKinney’s world, and what I found was a fascinating action-packed werewolf novel.

Dog World is not for the faint of heart. The book opens with a roar, drawing you immediately into the middle of a military skirmish with action happening at every turn. McKinney’s obvious knowledge and research in this area shines, and the combat sequences feel very current and real, as if the author is retelling something that he has deep knowledge of. The end result are very believable and undeniably compelling battle scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat.

The very best part of Dog World however, is that you do not have to wait long for the werewolves to make an appearance. Within the very first few pages of the book, Dog World shows itself to be not just a normal military conflict, but rather a ferocious battle between werewolves and humans. As if the thrill of the battle weren’t enough, the author dives right into giving every werewolf fan exactly what they want – the instant gratification of getting to read about a newly bitten soldier’s transformation into a werewolf. How do the clothes fit? How does he act? What does it feel like? The author gives the answers to all these questions as a matter of fact. And he does it in a way that will have you quickly flipping the pages, eager to find out what the rest of Dog World has in store.

And what does the rest of Dog World have waiting for you? Paranoia, anxiety, conflict, an apocalypse, a “full scale assault on humanity.”


It is the summer of 2005, near Tikrit, Iraq. Captain Paul Demarti is working communications when a patrol calls in reporting hostile contact with giant canine-like creatures. Little does he know, the transmissions are the beginning of events that will threaten humanity’s existence.In Jason McKinney’s furiously fast-paced and viciously fanged Dog World, werewolves decimate soldiers stationed in Iraq, with the subjugation of humankind as their endgame. In an action thriller like no other, bloodlust reigns and battles rage as America’s bravest struggle to suppress an enemy who is stronger, crueler, and, at the onset, far hairier than any terrorist they have ever known.Anti-human lycans, or werewolves, see humans only as food. To them, man is nothing more than cattle, and far less intelligent. For world dominance, though, it’s crucial to turn a few men into lycan killing machines. The carnage starts when the patrol is attacked, and spirals into the complete destruction of the patrol’s attack helicopter escort and Demarti’s own compound. The military learns how problematic “large dogs” can be as their own men are turned and the borders between ally and lycan blur, causing paranoia and anxiety to mount for Demarti and the survivors.Along the way, others join Demarti; including Cameron Mitchell, a werewolf and human sympathizer; Brenda Walinski; an Apache pilot; Gloria Tan, a soldier with keen ambition; and Patrick Lewis, Demarti’s right hand man. These soldiers must band together if they are to thwart the werewolf agenda.

The survivors’ lives are forever altered, forcing them to endure events they could never have imagined. Amidst the bloodshed and betrayal, they discover things about themselves and what makes the human soul good or evil. Readers craving a compelling, craven story that is coursing with humor will relish sinking their teeth into Dog World.

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