Don’t call yourself a lunar-challenged human, you are a werewolf!

Everything these days is becoming way too politically correct. So much so in fact, that recently, a werewolf mentioned to me that he prefers the term “lunar-challenged human”.

REALLY?? Lunar-challenged?
Well, I guess I can understand the technicalities of what he is saying – the full moon causes an unprovoked change to his human self. So he considers himself a “lunar-challenged” individual. But really? What is wrong with the term “werewolf”?
In his words, the word “werewolf” brings to mind a vicious, blood-thirsty hairy creature. He pointed to several movies as proof.

While he does have something of a point in terms of how movies tend to portray werewolves, I counter that by saying, instead of moving away from the word “werewolf”, werewolves everywhere should embrace the term! Take it back! If movies or books or media want to portray werewolves as evil creatures, well then, let them! That does not mean that that is what all werewolves are!

Now, I certainly understand the desire to keep your true identity secret – not every human can be trusted to know who is a werewolf – or even if you are a werewolf, however, when you finally do – or if you ever do – reveal yourself to a human, use the term werewolf! Don’t bow to the politically correct world and choose something as vague as “Lunar challenged human”. You are a werewolf! Be proud of it!



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9 Responses

  1. Marney says:

    lol I am a Werebear NOT a Werewolf. And I do not like this PC crap.

  2. Elene Fiala says:

    I’m a werewolf

  3. L.A.S.H says:

    Yeah! I also hate the politically correct language. I calle myself a werewolf, or wolfman, or vulkodlak.

  4. im a werewolf and can hear someone’s thorughs is this normal

  5. WERElove says:

    When someone says werewolf i just think of someone that can turn into a wolf/ vice versa. I mean, some people really don’t get it.

    • Lupe says:

      @Werelove: I know, right? Though, I’d assume there’s more to it than merely “shifting,” being a werewolf has nothing to do with superpowers ^^’ as someone who’s trying to understand and explore mentally shifting, I understand one thing.. you don’t gain any hidden ability by opening that mental barrier between human and wolf. All that happens is you become one with yourself (in a sense). But, that’s just my experience so far ^^’

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