don’t stop believing

Is seeing believing? People believe in werewolves and don’t stop believing. Is it because of werewolf sightings that they continue believing? I don’t think so, there are more werewolf myths than there are facts about werewolves, which make werewolves more of a mythology.

But it doesn’t stop werewolves from having an outlet. An outlet to relieve some stress from life, an outlet so that for once human werewolves can forget about day to day struggles and just indulge in another world. A world where possibilities are endless, a world where your imagination is you’re only limit.

We don’t need werewolf sightings to prove any werewolf myth. We create the werewolves story, the journey of how, where, and why we are here.

Don’t stop believing.



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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544 Responses

  1. Wereboy says:

    i think there are 2 or more stages to it

  2. Wereboy says:

    o god

  3. Wereboy says:

    at the age of 14 i should be worrying about pubirty not running from the cia

  4. Wereboy says:

    what are the effects of the other stages

  5. yea so should i exept working for them

  6. i cant remeber they tested it on me so i know whats hapenig the more you discribe the more it comes back to me

  7. Wereboy says:

    right know i am losing feeling in my legs but they are p-shifting but not the rest of my body

  8. wow its late lol i cant remeber what hapens next

  9. Wereboy says:

    you want to talk privitly

  10. Wereboy says:

    u know were

  11. Wereboy says:

    all alone with noone beside me

  12. Alpha Wolf Lexi says:

    *sighs* the things you see on this blog when away for so long… -.-

  13. Luka Firyx says:

    wow.Knock it off suki’s not in the CIA.. You have to be 18+ and not living with your parents. by then you have 4 years of training.

  14. Luka Firyx says:

    i would know this Is because I was in the CIA. I am 18 year old.

  15. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    these blogs are so funny some times its making me laugh personally i like to annoy the cia its fun

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