Dreams of being a werecreature

We’ve had a couple of comments on here about humans dreaming that they were different creatures, or dreaming that they transformed into a different creature. This causes confusion, and many come on here seeking guidance and understanding. Is it possible that they are actually werecreatures? Do dreams tell the story of who they really are? What should they do?

There are many ways to interpret dreams, and what fits in one instance does not necessarily fit in all instances. Often times dreaming of an animal represents a hidden side of yourself that you are rejecting into your subconscious. Key to these kinds of dreams are embracing that side of yourself when you are awake, not just asleep – this can lead to a transformation where you are now whole and complete and have a better outlook on life, more energy, and a better sense of self-being. I have heard some werecreatures report that it also leads them to a true physical or spiritual transformation as well. Whatever the end result will be, do not be afraid of these dreams – you must acknowledge them, embrace them, and accept that side of yourself…you will become wholer, better, and more complete through this process.



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92 Responses

  1. Logan says:

    lol… gtg, i will meet you back again soon…

  2. Logan says:

    I’m back, I had some company…

  3. Logan says:

    Suki, I will have to go at midnight, central time… I will have to continue on another day…

  4. Logan says:

    Wait, I have to go again now…see you in the morning…

  5. jd0gg42 says:

    ello every one, i see some of you are looking for one of my kind….lol…. well im in jacksonville florida, and if u want to play come on down….=] i would love the company its been many years since i last layed eyes on one of my kind but i offer you my hand as a sign of trust, i live near a river called trout river,on the nothern side of jacksonville, i have been here for a while and do not plan on going anywere, if you find me i will give you what you want.. come on down.. or just question me on here…

  6. Lunar says:

    That is always nice of you but I for one wouldn’t have given that information out on the live web, not that it really matters. I mean if anyone wanted to find any of us they could just track the IP address I suppose

  7. Wolf justice says:

    Any one on

  8. Greyr says:

    for justice, i shall avenge as!

    -mortred phantom assassin in defense of the ancients(warcraft frozen throne game)-

    love the game! especially when you own them XD

  9. Mack Allen says:

    i have put all my efforts into researching the werewolf because i feel connected to the wolf in someway

  10. she wolf says:

    I dreamt of a cat envelop in flames a month ago.

  11. IvyEclipse says:

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone on here can answer a question I have…

    I’ve been having dreams where I am with a group of five or so people, but I have no idea who they are. The people are the same every time, but the dream is not. In the dream we are always traveling through the woods or even practicing “powers” (though I can’t remember what they are when I wake up besides one where we were bringing a dead flower back to life.) in one of these dreams I rember somebody specifically calling me a ‘Skin Walker’. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions concerning these dreams? Do they mean anything?

  12. Lycanhope says:

    @IvyEclipse: Dreams are usually a good indicator of what’s going on in your head that you don’t know about. Subconsciously you may want to be/believe you are a Skin Walker of some kind. Or you may have a desire to be more special than you feel you are.

  13. IvyEclipse says:

    Thanks for the reply, I looked up Skin Walker and you’re probably right. The people are the one thing that make me wonder though…. It’s the same people every time, yet I have no idea of who they are, and there are only 5 or so of us every time.

  14. Gabriel says:

    @IvyEclipse: well since a dream brought me here I’m curious: can you describe these people?

  15. IvyEclipse says:

    Well, I know a three of the people are male, while the other two are female. They are all around ages 16-18 but I cannot be sure exactly. I’m sorry but I can only say that they all have earthy colored hair (browns, sandy colors, and one black) This is absolutely all I can remember about these people, does it help? I’ve had these dreams for quite a while now

  16. Gabriel says:

    @IvyEclipse: Well it’s interesting to say the least, thanks.

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