It is very possible for humans living as werewolves (weighted ones) to reach an equilibrium. The question is if you are ready or not to achieve this. Are you ready to let go of one world in search or discovery of another. The world beyond being cursed is large, often bigger than one thinks he or she can handle. Determine for yourself if you are ready to achieve the ultimate goal of peace within yourself. There will be many hurdles, road blocks, detours in your journey to the truth and peace. All must be passed with caution, but are very much passable. In your quest for equilibrium to either the human or the cursed side remember all is not lost until you give up.

Just don’t give up.



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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2 Responses

  1. O Wildish says:

    As fasinated as I am about Werewolves etc there’s not a lot I know and I have several (possibly stupid)quetions

    1, what is the curse and where did it originate (has anyone ever bothered to ask this before)?
    2, if a werewolf is a person that turns into a wolf, then what would you call a wolf that turns into a person?
    3, is there such a monster that could be mistaken fore a werewolf but is actually something far more dangerious, prehaps it’s what’s given werewolves a bad repution?
    4, if werewolves vampires are indeed real then how would I get to meet one in the flesh (preferably one that’s not going to harm me)?

  2. Koma Akashiya says:

    @O Wildish: 1: The virus originated when a wolf bites a human. 2: There have been no cases of wolves turning into humans. 3: No. No monster looks enough like a werewolf to be mistaken for one, the werewolves seen are probably either new werewolves or really slow ones because werewolves are naturally very fast. 4: Most monsters get a bad rep because they’re misunderstood, if you meet a monster, just ask them any other questions that you may have.

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