Exorcism “cures” werewolf condition?

In ancient legends, it was believed that being a werewolf was an evil possession that could be “cured” much the same way you would cure someone of any other evil possession – via exorcism.

An exorcism is a religious ritual that is performed to rid an individual of “evil” spirits. During the ritual, the person performing the rites (the “exorcist”) commands the evil spirit to depart from the body of the infected person. The belief is that the person that is possessed is not evil, but rather the spirit/demon/power that inhabits their body is the evil. The ritual “cleanses” the spirit from the body of the infected person, leaving the person much the same as they were prior to being possessed.

Many older legends reference the belief that the condition of a human becoming a werewolf was generally due to an evil spirit inhabiting the human’s body – a condition that could be cured by an exorcist!



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2 Responses

  1. Argharna Welyn says:

    thats impossible ghosts posses people not were wolves even demons do that.

  2. loleta says:

    werewolfes could see spirits thats is the only thing i know

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