Explanations for the existence of Werewolves

We’ve talked alot about the historic origins of werewolves and how far back they date in different cultures, but a larger question remains, which is what caused the existence of werewolves to begin with?

There are several possible explanations on why werewolves came into being.  Every myth, legend, story, and history has a different idea on what caused them to exist, but most of them seem to boil down into a few different categories which I’ve outlined below.  Just a word first though, because I know there are many non-believers and naysayers that are going to say – or think – something along the lines of –

“Ah hA! If you don’t know how werewolves came into existence, how can you say they even exist!?!?”

Well, to those folks, I respond that there are lots of things that people are unsure why or how they came into existence.  In FACT, the explanation for the existence of humans themselves is still under much debate – a debate divided into two camps – one that says that God created Man, one that says that evolution created man.  Teachers, scientists, nobel-prize winners, engineers, rocket scientists – all of them have different thoughts on what the answer is.  Interesting, isn’t it?

Explanations for werewolf existence presented over time…

  • Infection / Virus.  A virus caused werewolves to exist.  We’ve explored this theory before, which has alot of possibility.
  • Genetics.  There are some more scientific theories that suggest that a certain subset of the population with special genetic qualities thrived and evolved over time.
  • The Devil / Evil Possessions.  This line of thinking espouses the idea that Satan or the Devil caused werewolves.
  • God.  Just as some believe that the devil created werewolves, some believe that God created werewolves.
  • Extraterrestrials. – Some think that werewolves originated from some type of alien species left on Earth.
  • The debate on which – if even any –  of these explanations is the true reason for the existence of werewolves rages on, and like many good debates, is doubtful to ever by conclusively resolved…



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    11 Responses

    1. Being a Spiritual Satanist at heart and in Religion I have a strong faith. My belief when it comes to Satanic reasoning, is that the gods came to Earth from a non-orbital planet. Similar to a starship off of science fiction movies, but it si not a starship. It is a star HABITAT. It carries life of all sorts, with mater, and gardens, woods, mountains, and it is driven by the gods energy. (a friend of mine and I as well as his Coven did some extensive research to gather this theory, who know we could be wrong.)
      That said, I can definately see that Lucifer created werewolves, I could also acknowledge, with the above statement, that werewolves were created by an alien presence. Think about it, you can analyze miracles. But godly energy, which is extra terriestrial indeed, could and most likely is, not comprehensable for human sciences. Thus explaining why “our theories” have been “debunked.”

    2. Aconissa says:

      My dad (who is a non-believer) came up with the theory that the idea of werewolves originated from the time when wolves first became domesticated by human beings. At that time only some groups or tribes would have done this, so when they fought against tribes that did not have wolves, the wolf-less tribes would have thought the wolves were human because they worked so well with the people. This could explain the idea of the werewolf, but not the existence of it.

    3. Observer says:

      that is a lot better than some i have heard…

    4. josh says:

      Yes that is a good theroy…and I do have to say to the ppl that don’t believe … werewolves and and the legend date back to the early 1600..way before movies and the whole “advertising” of werewolves even started why would these stories be myth or even a lie….the stories had to start somewhere in time.back when the world knew the truth

    5. Aconissa says:

      @josh: absolutely. There is so much evidence of werewolf sightings and attacks etc dating back from 16th-17th century france, and more. All over the world there is evidence of werewolf-like creatures. That can’t be a coincidence. There has to be some source… either it all stemmed from one place and the legends spread, or there were in fact werewolves everywhere.

    6. jo says:

      funny how the world goes nowadays lol XD

    7. Great information on your site. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for sharing!

    8. look it up girl says:

      such things as werewolves were metioned in different ways in many religions those who believe in such thing or disbelieve in such thing but as an example
      the bible speaks or such species or ppl drinking blood is against god but if u relate it ppl connect it to vampires (whole nother subject i wont get into) if such things do not exist why does the bible even choose to deny it. how would they know of such things…because at some point or still does such creatures existed and the bible dateing so far back it must be more than just a thought. i am pagen myself and also border into christianity but ik so much from both that such things as werewolves are metioneed in the bible or pagen history beliefs on other such creatures.

    9. look it up girl says:

      another un thought of religion:
      Greek mythology also testifies the existence of werewolves. God Zeus once disguised himself as a traveler and sought for hospitality to the court of vicious Arcadian King Lycaon. The King recognized the God and tried to kill Him by serving him human flesh. God Zeus caught the terrible trick and did not eat. Outraged, He destroyed the palace and condemned Lycaon to spend rest of his life as a wolf. Most probably this mythology originated the Greek word “Lycanthrope” which is actually synonymous to werewolf. (Greek lykos – wolf, and anthropos – man.)

    10. 1 answer, God. You don’t have to believe me but it is the truth.

    11. Josie says:

      Huh,I’ve never thought about the possibility that werewolves could be/have been aliens. Hmmmm. Awesome idea, but please explain more!!

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