Fact or Fiction: werewolves hate vampires

As many of you have heard, yes, there is a long standing feud between werewolves and vampires – but not all of them.. and yes! It is possible for them to get along!!

In fact, all werewolves do not hate vampires. For the most part, most werewolves feel pretty neutral on the subject until or unless a vampire angers them. Some even recognize vampires as another creature also hated and feared by humans and feel a slight kinship to them.

The truth is, it is more vampires that hate werewolves than the reverse. Vampires can’t help but see living beings as food, and since werewolves are living beings, they hunger for their blood. Werewolves are however extremely strong and difficult for a vampire to overpower, and because of this, they harbor a deep-seated resentment. Vampires like to be the most powerful creature, and they can’t stand knowing that they cant easily overpower the lycanthrope.



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97 Responses

  1. Lee ann says:

    ok is there an honest to god book of stupid rules t hat you hunters use like geez…

  2. Zakiya says:

    how do u go on an I LOVE WEREWOLVES website with a name like that?!?!?!?!

  3. Young Wolf Alpha Lexi says:

    return of the realms.. hmmm… well.. what are the ones that can p-shift supposed to do until then? it’s drawing near.. but still a few years off.. i think it will be hilarious when people start learning what they are… s-shifting and d-shifting are fun an all.. but not when you have hunters.. then it just sucks.. the occasional p-shift just results in warfare.. so yeah.. i’m just screwed…

  4. mack says:

    COOL i just m shifted its like i was seeing things around my room lol even though i couldnt see a thing

  5. mack says:

    i learned how to m-shift

  6. just a normal girl says:

    G’day (to point out an obviouse)
    im just a normal girl well sorta, life dosnt make sence at the mo for me and i find all this really interesting, were do vamps and weres live if it just the top 1/2 of the world or are you all over the world eg Australia???

  7. llyon says:

    what do you want to know?? im from australia email me if you want to talk ok?? edited

  8. llyon says:

    lol hunters, look, taste, smell and are made of false belifs and fear of the supernatural (i mean something the humans can not explain), true this site and its name is….. obvious but it works…true werewolves don’t use the net, how can they?? large fingers and superhuman streangh we would destroy the keyboard. lol hunters need to look beyond the myths and think about what age they are in (its the 21st centry guys, not the 18th any more)……i feel sorry for people who “hunt” people on this site. all that life wasted for a out dated belief

  9. just a normal girl says:

    my friend knows a fair bit a told me heaps today, i think he was flirting more then anything lol, thats really interesting, is trueblood the movie at all close to the truth about vamps??

  10. llyon says:

    oh my bad sorry buddy. as for the movie, im not a big vampire movie watcher, i rather get knowlage from word of mouth. so if anybody cuould answer these question pls do.

    maybe the owners of the site could make a page that has facts gathered from the people on this site, it wouldn’t hurt,w would it?? one for werewolves, vampires, kitsuens(i can’t spell it proplery, lol). it would be interesting what facts are disputed. as well as tha maybe on that page you could put the users of that “race”, to stop the confusion of who is who.

  11. a boy says:

    does it suck to feed on blood or energy constantly, feeling empty and dark, feeling like your not even yourself anymore? if so den don’t give werewolves bad credit cuz if u’d trade lives for a day it wud be hard

  12. M-WOLF says:

    Hello I am a shape shifter. P-shifting is not impossble I do it all the time and any hunter reads this and wants to attck me do it at your own risk. yes vamps and were, and shifters can get along if you want peace not every thing has to be a fight trust me. My pack and I was a attcked by vamp and were alike and I have no ill will to the vampires and the werewolves on here

  13. Silent Strike says:

    hello anybody on?

  14. Human says:

    Hi, I am reading Stoker’s Dracula and have seen the movie Twilight, is there any acuuracy?

  15. llyon says:

    has “just a normal girl” been on lately??? i would like to meet her in person, if she would like to meet….. i live in nsw, mid north coast…. nelson bay, port stephens

  16. Vlad The Impaler says:

    I believe in vampires but I do not believe in werewolves. The thought of someone drinking another’s blood is plausible but the thought of someone’s body literally undergoing a transformation such as a werewolf’s is simply un-real and not possible to believe. Don’t get me wrong I believe that there are those out there who remind us of werewolves perhaps an overly sized wolf with insane strength but to me it is still a myth in general…Vampire’s on the other hand (which I myself am) are true to the word they do believe in immortality when drinking ones blood transforming into a bat though is not true neither is being able to fly. The super human strength bit is true anyone who has perhaps fought an addiction knows exactly what it feel’s like to crave what u deeply desire and to go insane without it example a skinny 140 pound crack head would more then likely be able to take down a 220+ pound pro fighter if they were in temptation for what they wanted. As for the speed part we our self’s are considered so fast because we had no true fat on our body due to the blood only diet we went thru it is a curse and a gift, if anyone would like to go deeper into this conversation or have any questions u cant find online email me at **edited** I will be more then willing to share my stories with you and don’t worry I don’t bite….hard…

  17. Reaper says:

    there is scientific truth to were’s.

    ……Unfortunatly i forgot the site to go to.

    whats up with the past tense?

  18. Alice says:

    Actually part of what Vlad said did make a lot of sense. I am a vampire so I’m pretty sure I’m real.

  19. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    personaly im friends with a vamp so we can co-exist

  20. Nirvana Rosa says:

    Are most of you here really vampires or werewolves? I believe that stronger things are out there but people go around saying that they’re vampires and werewoves. Makes me mad. Any way if you can be so kind to tell me, how do you know you’re a vampire or a werewolf?

  21. I don’t know about vampires, but one surefire yet difficult way to find out if someone is a werewolf is to cut them. The inside part of the skin would be furry.

  22. Jenna says:

    whos talking what about vampires now?

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