Famous celebrity Paul McCartney dressed up as a Werewolf and crossed Abbey Road recreating Beatles cover!!

paul mccartney crossed abbey roadTurns out even famous celebrities love to dress up as werewolves! In a recent interview with BBC News, famous musician and celebrity from the Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney said that last Halloween he did an impromptu crossing of Abbey Road DRESSED AS A WEREWOLF!!

McCartney said during the interview that he was out on Halloween and his costume of choice was a werewolf (he claims to have even been sporting a scary werewolf mask)! He indicated that he lives close to the famous “Abbey Road” crossing which famously became the album cover of his record of the same name. When he got to the crossing he said he felt compelled to recreate his iconic album cover – this time however, dressed as a werewolf! McCartney said that motorists were annoyed to be held up by the “werewolf” crossing Abbey Road. I bet that if they knew it was Sir Paul McCartney recreating his famous Abbey Road crossing those motorists might not have been so miffed! 😉

So next time you see a werewolf crossing the road, don’t be so certain you know who is under those fur, fangs, and claws!

Here’s a clip from the interview:



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