fangs in the ocean: The Black SeaDevil (Anglerfish) – Fact or Fiction?

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FANGS UNDERWATER – Screenshot of the Anglerfish from Finding Nemo

For those who don’t believe in werewolves, I challenge you to an exercise…close your eyes, and imagine a terrifying fish like nothing you’ve ever seen. Try thinking of something straight out of a nightmare.

Imagine a fish with a mouthful of sharp fang-like teeth filling a jaw so big that looks like it could open wide and swallow it’s prey whole…Now add a pole sticking out from where a nose would be, going straight up the head, at the end of the pole, let’s add a round knob that lights up in order to attract prey…Let’s also give this creature flat, lifeless, beady little eyes that seem to stare blindly into space…

Do you have that vision in your mind? Does it sound like and seem like a creature almost as unbelievable as a werewolf? It should because it would look completely crazy and unbelievable if it actually underwater fang fish – ha!…but wait a second…it does exist! It is extremely rare, but in fact it is a real fish – the Anglerfish (sometimes called the Black Seadevil)!

This rare creature that looks like something out of a nightmare, was recently spotted by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute who also caught extremely rare video footage (see below).

(By the way, that light-up pole on it’s face is used to lure in prey from its surrounding habitat – the deep dark depths of the ocean!)

the real footage:

the anglerfish was actually also featured in Finding Nemo…here he is..

So back to the skeptics – my point is this: just because something is unimaginable, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Maybe it’s rare – or hidden in a place few humans venture – or just escapes cameras.
The Aglerfish is just one example. What makes you think there aren’t other mysterious creatures out there?



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