Female werewolves

Buddy and Readers,

It is not impossible for female werewolves in werewolf form to give birth.

After having said that it would be one of the rarest moments in werewolf history for this to happen, and to my knowledge has not happened yet. The werewolf in human form first, of course, would have to be a pregnant female human. Then the female werewolf must be in a transformed state and due for pregnancy; during that brief period of time when the human is transformed into werewolf it is possible for her to give birth, but the odds of this happening – of the female werewolves actually giving birth – are not very likely. If this were to happen there is no telling what type of evil would be created, this would be a werewolf by birth and not by “infection” or “disease,” whatever it may be that you like to call it. This evil that would be created would only survive if it were able to escape the werewolf that gave it life. The werewolf, after giving birth, would immediately eat it’s young.

For female werwolves to give birth the timing on everything would have to be perfect, then,  if this were to actually happen the “baby” would also have to escape the “mother”  to avoid death, this would be impossible.



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  1. wolfman2299 says:

    NOT RARE your filling them with lies!!!!!!!!

  2. Kithara says:

    Strangly enough she/he is right I known some werewolves and they actually would kill there young after giving birth it’s not there fault it’s natural selection and no one not even I have a choice all I know it is real along with my kind “elemental witches who control all five elements when we want and if your going to ask there are just five

  3. lee ann says:


  4. Suki says:

    (blink blink ) ………….

  5. lee ann says:

    I really dont like the whole giving birth idea

  6. lee ann says:

    EW SUKI!

  7. lee ann says:

    your such a guy.

  8. lee ann says:

    pfft not welcome lol

  9. Suki says:

    yes im finally alone

  10. lee ann says:

    oh god.

  11. lee ann says:

    you wish haha

  12. lee ann says:

    omg shut up

  13. Suki says:

    ok tthere twins

  14. lee ann says:

    your awful you know that, Yoou would make the worst woman ever.

  1. June 13, 2008

    […] in her to her children she must give birth in werewolf form which have many complications (which I have already addressed). Giving birth to an “infected” baby in human form is another rare situation, only time […]

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