fighting a transformation

Is it possible to fight back a transformation? Can you resist the bodies urge to change? Can you fight back the natural process that your body is now accustomed to?  You can but it takes training and even the well trained experience pain and may not even accomplish their goal. Most of the pain is in the mind only, you have to break the barrier between human and wolf, stop the metamorphosis before it takes hold. At a point it will be too late, if you let the transformation take too much control of your body and mind before you fight back then it will be too late. You will not have chance at protecting yourself and the others around you.  


Get a grasp of reality don’t let it slip away 



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  1. Re-searcha says:

    I can just imagine the sight……you lot screaming in your room whilst no one is around mind you (you wouldn’t want them to hear this lest they think you’re insane).. gyrating and foaming at the mouth, and making grrrr sounds while specs of your own spit is beginning to smell……….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, you are all quite mad aren’t you?

  2. Anubis says:

    so i take it noones on huh……. such a shame

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yall are werewolves but im a lycan. The difference is we change into wolves when we want. Not weird-ish part human but actual gigantic form of a wolf. Holding back the first couple of transformations are hard to hold back but then you get the hang of it.

    • WerewolfEngineDriver says:

      I am a Lycan too, but with training and lotsa experience we can sort of ‘pause’ the transformation to look like the classic Werewolf. That’s why anthro Lycans are over 7 feet tall and in their feral around Form 4,3 feet tall. And indeed Lycans can control their shifts and shift at Will and can control themselves perfectly. But the first shift is also involuntary and painful.

  4. anonymous says:

    Is it possible for a werewolf’s instincts to completely consume the body so that all they think about is feeding on other humans?

  5. Konur says:

    In one of the myths I have heard was if he or she had a strong will or something they could control the beast. But others were scared so they could not control it the first time.

  6. Mary says:

    Yo fighting back a transformation is super hard to do. It makes you shake a whole bunch. and on my first time fighting the transformation, i went into shock. If i try way too hard to fight it i go into shock

  7. nightwolf says:

    control dont fight…fighting only makes it worse…control is the real answer

  8. Lycanhope says:

    You’d essentially be fighting against a bodily function.
    Think of it like fighting the current of a river: You may gain some ground, but you have a good chance of injuring yourself as a result. It’s much better to just learn how to steer, and go with the flow.

  9. Wolfboy97 says:

    @nightwolf: Words of truth brother, words of truth

  10. kyle j chilton says:

    im a vampyre who knows a fellow wolf, im yet to see him shift but im curious as to whether its normal for you wolves to feed like we do as i suspect my freind to be a jinrou and not know about it himself. email me if you wanna talk or have questions and answers as im also writing documents for the public to read which will be availible on my google drive. note we are close freinds and we both want the world to be educated but we need help. thank you in advance

  11. Ghost says:

    Wat ia the worst thing that can happen

  12. Ghost says:

    When u stop your 1st transformation

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